December 26, 2010

Holiday Season--III

The holiday get-together was the 6th annual gathering of The West Tennessee Business and Community Leaders Network.  Graciously hosted by Maltimore and Cynthia Bond, definitely members of Brownsville's elite (I did my homework), in their lovely home.  Gorgeous trees in every room and a piano that would look very nice in my living room.  Among those attending were politicians, the director of the Alex Haley Museum, pastor and president of the local NAACP, sorors, and more.  So how did I land amongst such august company?  Through the thoughtfulness of my insurance agent, Robert Morgan-Wilde, and the Golden Circle Life Insurance Company, owned by the Bond family.  The story behind Golden Circle is fascinating.

Now, you know that titles don't impress the kid.  But it was fun putting faces to names. Rev. Cyronose Spicer, pastor of New Beginning Christian Center and head of the local NAACP, was of interest.  He got my vote in the past election.  As did Ms. Boger, who ran for register of deeds, trying to unseat the daughter of the former mayor and former owner of the real estate company which brokered my transaction. Talking about a conflict of interest.  There are a thousand Beards and Bonds running around this neck of the woods but I'd heard the name, Alonzo Beard, enough to know who he was.  Believe he is related to a former co-worker, Alice Beard. He's trying to run herd on the police chief debacle.  Didn't know the Sanders couple.  But now that I do...Can you lower my electricity bill?  Please?  My hosts also own the Rawls Funeral Home.  Now, is that cemetery adjacent to your house, yours?

And I'd seen my seat-mate, Beverly, while taking the tour at the Haley museum.  We were chatting so much until I forgot to tell her about meeting Alex Haley in D.C., and receiving an autographed copy of  Roots. To my dismay, it has been lost (number 1 son???) so I will have to replace it.  I believe that our tour guide said that she (my seat mate) was descended from Chicken George.  Definitely need to reread it.

The vice-mayor of Brownsville, Ms. Flagg, upon learning that I worked at Wally, immediately let me know that since Alpha Male arrived, few funds have been given to the community.  I explained that he has a committee handling requests but that she should contact him personally and relay her concerns.  "I'm going to ask him if it's 'cause I'm Black?"  Mentally, I replied, "he'll probably say yes."  LOL.  For the world at large, Alpha Male could care less whether you're black or white.  The man has no social skills or finesse.  And, like me, he doesn't play the game...blunt and in your face. I did drag him aside and let him know that he had a problem looming and, just like I thought, the response was "she doesn't know me, does she?"  I'm trying to reform the man but it is a losing cause.  I believe they've met and that the issue has been resolved. 

There were many others whose names I've forgotten and  whom you and I don't know anyway. My sensors only picked up on two totally phony females and there was the obligatory obnoxious male.  Isn't it always the way? Otherwise a warm and welcoming group.  The food was great; downing a sample of each of the desserts did nothing to help my blooming waistline.  But the creme de la creme came when they announced that a whist game was being put together.  Whist?  OMG!  I haven't played whist in years.  Those that know me very well and go waaay back will remember that being introduced to whist--whist 101, as my partner called it--caused me to stay in school a little longer.  There's talk of getting together a group to play regularly.  Deal me in after I get the kitchen completed.Definitely enjoyed myself.  But the holiday season has not ended.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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