December 31, 2010

Out With the Old!

Outdated, broken, damaged, moth-eaten, dingy, worn-out, tacky, too small, you name it.  Time to go!  Cleaning house; literally and figuratively.  You know that I'm lying, right?  Because: 1) there are very few broken or damaged items in the house that could or cannot be repaired and 2) because you know that I don't get rid of anything.

Now there are some dingy, tattered linens (face cloths and such) that can be pitched without a second thought.  I'm afraid to look at my dress coat with the luxurious fur collar.  It is too small and I am afraid that moths may have eaten it to a shred.  I know...I should have put it away properly.  However, I have not heard of one clothes storage place in the area and I swear that there is only one cleaners in town.  I could be wrong.  Since I have a wash and wear wardrobe, I've never been inside the place.  Tacky?  Well, there are a few things in that category but if someone gave it to me...chances are that  I still have it.  Lots of too small clothing but hope springs eternal.  Loads of "like-new heels" that could go (can't wear those to Wally) but the handbags?  The hats?  My pins and scarves?  Not a chance. But here's what will go:  all those extra pounds.  Yep, got to go. That is a new year's resolution which I intend to make happen.  And for those material things that don't get family will have to deal with it when I'm gone.  The memories will be priceless!

As you gather with your friends and family tonight, New Year's Eve, whether at Watch Night Services or a good, ole-fashioned party, make a resolution to get rid of negativity--your thoughts or "well-meaning friends," to plan better for the future, to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.  Learn something new.  Dare to dream. More importantly, live your life in peace!

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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