December 31, 2010

Busted Resolution

And the new year hasn't even begun.  Talking about negative thoughts.  Why am I being told that I was on the schedule today for 7 a.m., this morning (that, in itself, is a joke) when I know the paper schedule had me off?  And why does the schedule (we can now check it online) for January 1, show me reporting at 4 p.m. and getting off at 12 a.m.?   Helloooo!  Didn't I tell them weeks ago that I was NOT working New Year's Day!  Didn't I tell them politely, I thought, that they needed to get one of the young girls who had a houseful of babies and needed extra hours to come in?  And just why would they think that I put in to be off on Monday if I wanted to work until midnight that weekend.  Working the cash register at that!  Hellooo! 

Does the tone tell you that I am royally pissed?  Maybe they thought that I was joking.  Hell to the naw!  There are people who are only getting 1 day's work and and make less than I.  I can assure you that they would welcome a 2nd day's work.  To make up for that  $3-a-gallon gas that they used to come in for 4-6 hours, for one day. 

Don't get me wrong.  I need a paycheck, too. But I will not be working January 1, 2011.  Count on it. 

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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