January 01, 2011

The New Is Here!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!               2 Corinthians 5:17

It's a new day, a new month, and a new year.  The Moon Pie, The Peach, Times Square's crystal ball and, the guitar on Beale Street  (a little early, I might add), have all been dropped.  Do they still drop the Love Stamp in D.C.?  But, nevertheless, it was fun to watch. From afar.  The local PBS station, WKNO, did an excellent commentary/documentary on the history of Beale Street, interspersed with live shots of the people who had gathered in that god-awful weather to watch the annual event.  Did you know that the B.B., in B.B. King, stands for "Beale Street Blues Boy"?  Neither did I.  It was shortened to "Blues Boy King" and, finally, to B.B. King. I have got to visit Beale Street. Making that another resolution for the year.

A chance to start afresh. Determined to pamper me this year. Hair, nails, and feet, in no particular order.  Tried to do that yesterday.  Started off the last day of the year with very good intentions: another package to mail; bank (thought for sure that I'd blown the checking account out of the water); breakfast with a friend in Dyersburg; a little pampering for me and, then, make it to the glass shop.  Running out of the house, late, as usual. Last time that I did that, I kicked over a bucket of white paint.  Got some done but not all.

Ran into a new friend and we traveled to Dyersburg to eat.  The three of us, two natives and one foreigner, had a good breakfast and interesting conversation.  Lord, I was more starved for that than the food.  Thanks for filling me in on some of the traditions around here. Enjoyed it.

Off to the glass shop, with my Ripley friend leading.  'Cause you and I both know that I didn't have a clue as to where as I was going or how to get there.  Headed to town square, somewhere behind the police station, looking for the Dyersburg Glass Company.  I told you that they are closed on the weekends and shut down at 5 p.m., remember?  Well, boys and girls, damned if they weren't shut up tight as a drum and my guide had eased on down the road.  Didn't know how to get back to 51 or back to Perkins where I'd started.

Let me introduce you to Tom.  He is replacing Maggie who, unfortunately, had to be replaced due to an early case of dementia.  She couldn't find anything.  This is Tom's first outing with Missy and, like with new dates, you'll either like him/her, or not, or they'll grow on you.  Tom will grow because I need him.  I did miss Maggie's voice and her dings to let me know when to turn.  But he led me to 51 and that is all that counted.

Back to the Big Rip and picked up cigs and homemade sausage.  At the cigarette shop.  Lawd, Lawd.  The last time I tried someone's homemade sausage, I was sick as a dawg.  Fools never learn.  Here's hoping we won't have a recurrence. Stay tuned.

The tornado watch/warning fizzled out. Thank you, Jesus, although Arkansas and Missouri were hit hard. Terrible winds and a downpour of rain. See that a small limb parted ways with the pecan tree.  I'm thankful.

Leaving you with information on an HBUC, Lane College, as well as an easy way to get fresh produce, CSA.

Be safe. Be Blessed. I'm off for some pampering. Starting the new year off right.

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