January 02, 2011

In the Dark

Well, good grief, can someone please tell me what is the problem with Ripley's power system?  A loss of power twice this week.  Early a.m., while I was dressing for work.  Fortunately, I was "almost" walking out of the door.  Then, last night, we were plunged into a stygian darkness for about 20 minutes.  Pitch black as far as the eye can see.

Now, girls and boys, while you know what has happened and that (hopefully) power will be quickly restored, fear raises its ugly head.  Ghosts, gobblins, ghouls, ax murderers, yada yada.  It doesn't matter that the trusty flashlight is at hand and casting light.  See the phones are dead and even the cell is not working.  Didn't I say that the cell is never working when it is needed?  Sheesh!  What is that light moving across the wall?  Headlights, silly.  What is that red glow in the window?  The reflection of your cigarette, dummy.  Did you lock all of the doors? Set the alarm?  Well, girlfriend, the doors are locked but the alarm is powered by electricity, remember?  So after a day of being pampered, long overdue, this is how the evening ended.  Because you know that as soon as the lights came on and my confidence soared, it was bedtime for the kid.

Ladies, if you have not visited Tipton Nails and Spa,  put it on your list of places to go. Now,  they do feet up right!  Ask for David.  The boy is a master of his craft.  Missy walked in with some very bad hooves in need of TLC and he delivered.  Of course, they had intended to close early but how was I supposed to know?  And it really didn't matter...the door was open and the paws needed care.  I left good tips.  For the work that they had to do,  I probably should have left more.  And who should walk in but a former coworker from the Ripley store?  Did she prance over to take a look at the ugly feet, or what?  Should've pretended that  I hadn't seen her.

The establishment is Vietnamese-owned.  Of course, I wanted to know about the one in Ripley.  They thought it was Vietnamese but I think they are Chinese.  Doesn't matter, 'cause I didn't like the service and will not return. "Is there a Vietnamese restaurant in the area?"  Naw, they drive from Memphis.  Why would I want to know?  Because my Vietnamese coworkers,  in D.C., made the best spring rolls and chicken curry, ever!  Did I say that I was losing weight this year?

Hair washed and trimmed.  I've got to check this girl out a few more times before I let her take the scissors to the locks.  Been burned too many times since my arrival here.  She seems to know what she is doing but did the others.  One thing is for sure, flat ironing for the kid is not the way to go. Long, gray hair around the face only emphasizes the jowls and frown lines. Whipping out the Weight Watchers material. Think I'll lose weight in the face?

The library appears to be complete.  I thought that there would be a walkway between the new and old.  However, it is an extension.  I'm not an architect; how would I know?  Anxious to see what it looks like inside.  And they erected an ugly stockade fence at the rear of the lot to cut off some of that foot traffic.  They'll just go around it.  That fence is so oogly!

Understand that the long-awaited decision on the police chief is still pending.  Make a decision, already!  And let's move on.  SF found himself attending one of the meetings on his last trip in.  I've been here 3.5 years and haven't met a soul.  He comes into town and meets the mayor and everyone else.  LOL!

Happy Son-day!  Be safe.  Be Blessed. 

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