January 05, 2011

From the Outpost

RESPONSES:  "Unfortunately, we do not consider Lauderdale County part of our news coverage area, so we do not have much information for that area."  Received from The Jackson Sun in response to my inquiry.  But they include news from the abutting counties, Memphis, and Nashville.  Guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

"No appointment is necessary" until you get there. Then you are told that you should have made an appointment because it will be an hour or more until you can be seen.

"We will select the best qualified candidates."  In reply to my email that I wanted to transfer back to Ripley as a cashier.  Yes, boys and girls, it is time for the kid to become "semi-retired." just enough to keep the insurance in effect.  No...Alpha Male didn't make the statement.  He was too busy trying to keep from kicking up his heels with joy.  Only kidding.  He does, however, need a younger, less-experienced person in the office who will not ask questions.  Just trying to keep you out of trouble. LOL!  By the way, I work in personnel, so I've seen some of the best qualified candidates.

SIGHTINGS:  Came across this accident on Monday morning while on my way back to D'burg.  The truck ran off the road, up the driveway, and came to rest when it struck a tree. The photo doesn't show the distance from the highway to the tree.  What happened?  Unfortunately, the accident was fatal.

A woman badly in need of a perm with her comb stuck in the front. Why?  If you didn't comb it before you left the house and you've made no move to comb it once you hit the office, is it there for A-ffect?  A new decorative item?

An egret or crane coming to rest on the water beside Wally. (What do I know about water birds?)  A beautiful dark grey.  Birds falling from the sky all around me.  Not actually, thank you.  Remember that I'm the one who could not remove the dead kitten from the yard when I first moved in.  You know that I would die if there were dead birds all around.  I'd never leave the life.  Fish washing up on shore by the thousands.  The reasons given are not satisfying. Is that fish that I'm eating SAFE?

SMELLS:  What is that god-awful smell?  The reaction of everyone coming in Wally right after Christmas.  Maybe its the goat (trash chute, for the uninformed).  It lessened as the week grew older but there was one spot in the furniture aisle where the sweet, sickly smell remained.  Folks looked behind things, under the shelving (seems that our crack-pot maintenance team would have been on it), to no avail.  "Bet someone dumped a baby's diaper somewhere."  Over the weekend, someone decided to open every damned drawer on the aisle.  What did they find?  A hog's head.  Please.

PRAYERS NEEDED:   For my coworker whose treatment for cancer has been stopped.  Good Enough, as a I call her,  is a scrappy, funny woman, with a beautiful head of snow white hair.  She showed me a picture of her in her youth and she was a fine young thing.  Shorts, skorts, age, wrinkles, no problem!  I'll bet that woman partied with the best of them.  Several coworkers have touched me with their kindness but...Good Enough?  And my farmer friend?  They are special.  "I get down sometimes but I'm not giving up."  I cried when we hung up. 

FINALLY:  Why has Tom gone completely to sleep when he's only been used once? Dead as a doornail.  Back to Wally for an exchange.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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