December 12, 2010


Absolutely nothing puts you in the mood for Christmas like the scene of falling snow. That's what is happening in this neck of the woods this morning. I understand (hope) that it will not accumulate but now I'm ready for the holidays.

Pulling out the Christmas tree which did not get put up last year. Pulled out the little trees to go on either side of the door. Nope, the refinishing has not been done...still on the project list...but I can see them twinkling (or not) on the front porch. Found my beautiful sleigh for the mantle which has been packed away since leaving D.C. Stockings, ribbons, and bows. Wreaths need a little refurbishing but I just might have enough "things" stored away to make them work. Yeah, I'm getting in the mood.

Yesterday was a "soup day." Rained cats and dogs. I had to run to the post office and decided that I would pick up other things while I was out. Trying to replace a mirror on the medicine cabinet and need to go to a glass company. No such thing in the Big Rip, so Dyersburg or Covington are where I need to go. Neither are open on Saturdays and they close at 5 during the week. Sheez! I was soaked by the time I got to the garage. Short trip. Post Office, cigarettes, and back. Filled the crock pot with everything needed for a good beef stew. Oh, yeah!

And since the weather has been so cold, every living creature is looking for a home, including mine. Got up the other morning to find that a bird had invited himself in. How? When? He was making himself at home; perching on the chain to the hanging lamp in the bedroom trying to convince me that he was a pet. NOT! Off to the headboard, under the bed, behind the dresser, back to the guest bedroom. Okay...I have to go to work but you have got to go. Came home and couldn't find him. But he'd left evidence that he had a field day in my absence. Potpourri scattered everywhere; tassels pulled from a pillow; I guess he was trying to make a nest. I'd just about convinced myself that he'd left by the same route he used to come in when I heard this cheerful chirp. There he was, happily dancing around in the floor, in another room. Started closing doors. Keep on dancing...your time is short, if I have to tear up everything in here. Opened the front doors and attacked. He got the message and left. Every door in the house (and there are many) remained closed, just in case.

My children are still messing with Wally and getting ushered out of the door. Will they ever learn? Jobs are at a premium down here and you want to get Christmas? Please.  And Memphis has its own version of It's Academic, known to us in the D.C., area for years.  Here it is called Knowledge Bowl.  I missed most of the answers, just like at home.  LOL.

Sharing with you news from the Alex Haley Museum in Henning. The Front Porch  Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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