February 24, 2011

Back To The DR

I wish....but I couldn't leave you hanging about my vacation, could I?  I was focusing on other things and got side-tracked; however, I didn't forget that you didn't have every little detail.

During the briefing, we were told that the resort was hosting a beach party for its guests and that we were not to book into any of the restaurants, etc.  "Buses will pick you up at the main entrance." We saw them setting up while touring the property  so we knew that it was not going to be a swim suit, cut-off-jeans, beer-drinking, wienie-roasting affair. Girlfriend even brought out the big guns for the occasion...cosmetics. 

Off we go to join a milling herd at the front of the lobby. I couldn't understand why they were intent on pushing and shoving to get in the transportation.  It wasn't like they weren't going to send another bus or van.

Quite elegantly done.  Tables set with linen and candles as far as the eye can see; a huge tent where the buffet was set up; and a humongous stage and runway.  Here's the perfect tip for the next decorating dilemma when you are entertaining and don't have enough seating. Cover those white plastic or other chairs in fabric and tie them in the back. You've seen the look in all of the decorating magazines.

The food was varied and plentiful.  The change of venue didn't change the folks' mindset.  They were still pushing and shoving to get to the food.  Don't like sea crab or whatever they call it.  Why?  There's no meat.  Much like the Alaskan King Crab legs which send people into a frenzy.  Servers weaving between the tables removing plates, bringing drinks.  And the show began.

Good entertainment, interspersed with the what had to be the largest sales push, ever. Every director, vp, etc., who was in residence made an appearance on stage, right down to the head chef.  A gorgeous film showing the various properties owned around the world and your opportunities should you buy a "membership."  An offer you couldn't refuse.  Dancers (the females do something with their hips that I've just got to learn), musicians, and fireworks.  Wow!  Some of the entertainers wore masks and came down into the audience, posing with guests to have their pictures taken. Never saw the beach.

Tomorrow we go exploring.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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