March 27, 2011

It's All About Time

Lawd, Lawd. Time and respect go hand in hand, don't they? Time is about the only thing someone as poor as me has and I consider it to be a valuable commodity. So, why did someone ask for a moment of my time and then be a no-show?

Let me be clear on this point. Courtesy dictates that you let the person know that you will be late or cannot make the appointment. A valid use of the cell phone, I do believe. So if you have contacted me--and not the other way around--the least you can do is make the call. Let me know something. Death, accident, flat tire. Otherwise, you have shown me major disrespect.

Of course, some people would make the argument that since I'm always late, I am disrespectful, as well. Point taken. So I will continue to work on my habitual tardiness. And, don't bother calling me for anything if you don't intend to show up.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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