March 16, 2011

Too Much Excitement

See, I'm too old or the folks are doing too much.  Probably a combination of the two. Fugitives on the loose, roaming western TN at will; sisters hurting each other over diapers; teammates/roommates killing each other over something on FaceBook; customers hurling items at employees.  Good grief!  Reads like a regular crime roll, doesn't it?

Two fugitives escaped from prison in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; hijacked a man in Mississippi; killed him in Alabama; and made their way to Jackson, TN.  Folks in Jackson were terrified and I was praying that they didn't find their way to the Big Rip. Monday evening, they were sighted in Mississippi and captured in Memphis. One newspaper says that they may have been lost while in MS. Obviously. A Jackson paper notes that after robbing a park employee in that city, they asked for directions to Rte. 40. Here's a sterling example of why geography needs to be emphasized in school.  You were going the wrong way, fools. South of the border--and NOT Dillon, SC,--is where you wanted to be.

So now everyone can rest in peace; take a deep breath; and get back with everyday living.  For the folks at Wally, that means taking care of the customer. "Pardon me, where are the bath rugs? I'm redoing my bath and bedroom and want it to look like this picture.  Can you help me?"  Gurrlfriend, did you ever pick the right one...we'll be in these aisles all day.  I am in my element until the police charge down the aisle and yell "Put your hands behind your back!"  Was it The Exorcist where the child's head whipped around backwards? 'Cause that is exactly what mine did--a complete 360 degrees.  He can't be talking to me; must be somebody behind me.  Surely he's not talking to this nice couple that I'm helping. Well, boys and girls, when he whipped out the cuffs, my eyes engulfed my face.  I really need a photo because I know that my face was totally cracked. Heart racing; legs weak  I remember flipping the photo onto the counter and making, what I hope, was a graceful exit.  By the time I got to the back, I could laugh about it.  No ambulance needed. Lawd, Lawd.  Doing too much and I'm too damned old.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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