April 15, 2011

Big Rip's Target

Someone has decided that I am their personal piggy bank.  Need a dime?  Head to Serendipity.  If the car's not there, go on in.  Or, maybe I was seen in the Ripley store and they knew that the coast was clear for a moment.  Regardless, I am sick and damned tired of being thought of when cash is needed.

My "idyllic" existence as a resident of Ripley experienced another bump with reality when I returned home to find that someone had attempted to gain entry, AGAIN, by cutting one of the screens on a back window.  Missy just might have missed it-- but that little voice kicked in, calling my attention to that particular window.  What appeared to be a shadow,  where there shouldn't have been one, was where the screen had been cut and partially pushed up. 

The police figure that they were scared off. There were no pry marks.  I think that the storm window wouldn't budge enough to give them clear access to the inner window and that breaking through all of that would have taken far too much time.  Not the simple slip in and slip out that the other window allowed.  I personally think that it is my same intruder from before...but since I don't know who the hell that was.... Channeled up Trace Adkins' "Every Light in the House is On."  I agreed with my personal security agent that they wouldn't return that night (not sure about daylight) and called it a night. 

It seems that the Big Rip is experiencing a "crime wave."  While in the police station giving my report, other calls came in concerning break-ins.  The Rev had his door kicked in while out one evening; the same thing has happened to others in the area.  Small town--big city problems.

So what now?  Motion lights are all around; an alarm is in place; and they took the damned dog.  Back to security bars--thought I'd left them behind when I left D.C. Hated them then; will hate them even more, now.  Dog and pistol will be next. 

Ah, well.  It could have been worse.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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