April 18, 2011

Remodel From Hell

By now you know that the kitchen cabinets have been replaced.  Why? Because I needed counter space and my effort at tiling the little space available just wasn't cutting it.  So, in order to get counter space, additional cabinets were needed. No money (what's new) for the cabinets I wanted; therefore, I settled for unfinished cabinets.  Are you clear on all of this, so far? 'Cause the real drama starts from there.

The cabinet man proved to be no problem.  Cabinets are up and I'm slogging along in trying to get the primer on.  God only knows when they'll be ready for the real paint job.  The tile man?  Disaster.  I am now into the third week without a working kitchen.  Went to Lowes and paid to have someone come out to do an estimate on finishing the work. This bozo took a week trying to set up a date: "I'll call you and let you know a time and date."  Why would he call me on Sunday morning, at 8 a.m., to say that he was on his way?  What happened to "I'll call you"?  Needless to say, the response was "no, you won't."  When he did come by, the disdain and condescending attitude were a complete turn-off.

Met a young contractor who also came out to assess the damage.  Both he and the bozo know the lingo to make me happy.  They both identified problems that I was aware of and gave suggested remedies.  Both will get back with an estimate. The one closest to my bottom line and time frame has the job.  I'm desperate.

So, the phone rings early this a.m.  It is Lowes.  The manager is trying to ascertain fact from fiction.  The upshot is this:  I don't ever want that bozo anywhere near my house again.  After a detailed discussion with me (heated, I might add) and a short discussion with her manager, we might be able to strike a deal.  They'll send another contractor out and, if agreeable, the counter top will be charged to Lowes; the backsplash to him.  Downside? He can't get through until the end of the week.

Help me, Jesus.  Even for a non-cooking person, a sink is a necessity.  Do you know how many times you use the sink on a regular basis?  Think about it. 

Accenting the positive, this will allow me to continue painting away.  I now understand the cabinet man's reluctance to take on that job.  Sheesh!  The unfinished wood is just soaking up the primer.  I don't have a clue as to how much is enough.  Two coats and I'm through.  Just hope that it will be enough for the final paint job. 

Speaking of which, Rust-Oleum has a new product out--Cabinet Transformations (they also have one for counter tops)--which, supposedly, my employer stocks.  N-O-T!  So I made an inquiry, via e-mail, to corporate to find out when they intended to start carrying it.  Of course, based on my zip code, the inquiry was sent to my new store manager--as a complaint.  OMG!  What a way to start your week in a new store.  Actually, I got a chuckle out of it.  Not sure about him.

Stay tuned.  Be Safe. Be Blessed. 

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