April 18, 2011

Rest and Relaxation

Where is it?  Better yet, what is it?  I've been up at, or before, the crack of dawn every day since I "retired."  Something is wrong with this picture.  To be sure, the folks down at this end believe in getting out and about early to take care of their business.  I don't have a problem with that...I'm an early riser.  However, I haven't been allowed the luxury of staying in or going back to bed yet.  Isn't that the whole point of being "retired"?

So this morning, the phone rings at 7:30 a.m.  Another inquiry about the tile job.  He's in Memphis and it's not a major rehab...not interested.  But he did give a referral.  While talking to him, I see a truck slowly cruise past the house.  Too slowly.  "Wonder what he's looking for?"  The phone rings again.  "Mr. T is looking for your house."  Now, I'd told this gentleman to come by and look at the yard and give me a price for whipping it in shape.  I did not expect him to show up at the crack of dawn.  Nor did I expect him to come ready to work.  Lawd a mercy!

I go out at one point to tell him something.  Oh, no!  Locked in; locked down; locked OUT!  I am so accustomed to locking the side door when I go out until I didn't think twice about flipping the lock.  Until I'd shut the door and realized that the keys were on the inside!  Good grief!  Fortunately, it was not the deadbolt and the lower lock was easy to get open. 

There was a pile of debris at the top of one of the slopes which needed to be brought down to the curb.  This is not in the agreement.  Fine.  Rake in hand, I begin pulling this mess down.  Huffing and puffing, sweating mightily, I finally get the job done.  Exhausted.  Off to pay bills, grab something to eat, and take a nap.  Surely, as a "retired" person, I'm allowed, right?  Wrong?  The phone rang nonstop.  No nap for the weary.  So I just laid there.  I'm determined, rather my body is determined, to rest.

I laughingly told Mr. T that yard work wasn't in the today's plan.  Actually, I was serious.  I have painting to do...a lot of it. Rest and Relaxation?  Hmmph!

Stay Safe.  Be Blessed.

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