April 21, 2011

Now THIS Is A Library

The Friends of the Lauderdale County Library held an open house on Tuesday to show off their new digs. Sistah Girl strolled over to take a look and is very impressed.  Light, airy, colorful, and spacious.  The good people of Ripley have every right to be proud of the new look.

Shortly after I moved here, the announcement was made that the Fitzhugh's had made a million dollar donation to the new addition.  I was absolutely sick at the thought of the upheaval the construction would make to my new piece and quiet.  Really didn't matter because I was at work during the day, anyway.

I've been keeping an eye on the transformation:  a separate building; a separate building joined by a walkway; what?  Then it became apparent that the new construction would adjoin the old and the connecting wall be removed.  Well, boys and girls, what a difference!

The librarians are no longer tucked away but centrally located in the area.  More reading tables; computers centrally located; loads of shelving.  The tiny area used for reading to tots has metamorphosed into a full-blown stage area. And, it is completely paid for, through the generosity of the Fitzhugh's, a large bequest, and other donations.  Wonderful!

Schmoozed a bit and enjoyed the refreshments.  Reintroduced myself to the president of the "Friends."  She has written two books on the houses of Lauderdale County and approached me one day to see if she could take a picture of Serendipity.  Well, a third book is due to be published--does she still need a picture?   She told me that she had found a gorgeous picture of "Mrs. Savage's house" and was using that. But she would need a form acknowledging that I was the new owner.  I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions but she will have to come to grips with the fact that it is now a Black-man's house.  What a hoot! 

Be Safe. Be Blessed.


DCnTN said...

Did I really type "piece" instead of peace? LOL

Anonymous said...

The renovated Lauderdale County Library is indeed wonderful. The entire county should be proud of such a facility. The expansion has created a large area for entertainment and story time for the children of our county as well as roomy areas for quiet reading or studying for all ages.

The Fitzhughs have indeed been generous to the library but the amount was actually $100,000 though the library does indeed "look like a million dollars".

DCnTN said...

Thanks for the correction and it does, indeed, look like a million bucks!