April 24, 2011


Resurrection Day, some prefer; Easter Sunday to others. Regardless of what you call it, it was a beautiful day in the mid-South.  I attended the first ever Sunrise Worship Service, in the new Ripley Amphitheater, with a handful of others. While the turnout was disappointing, the words were not.  A light sprinkling of rain threatened to mar the event but people came equipped with their rain gear. Most disappointing was the lack of attendance by the Black populace but never fear, Rev. Rob and Sistah Girl represented.   Afterward, the good Rev. and I dashed to Perkins for a Sunday morning repast.  He had to get back to Sunday School; I had to make stops at Lowes, Wally, and get gas.

The amphitheater was once a vacant lot.  The sound system is good; the overall appearance pleasing.  Except for the 1-foot-high concrete rows which are supposed to simulate seating.  Excuse me?  How are seniors supposed to sit on those?  Much less, get up?   I'm at the age now where gravity takes over and the body just crashes to the next level.  Sheez!  I envision broken necks, hips, backs.  I'll stand, thank you.  Very poor planning and execution of detail.

The rest of my day has been spent painting.  Lawd! When will get to the point where I can put on the bonding coat?  I WANT to see a FINISHED product.  The chaos is driving me crazy.

So the tile man had already sealed his fate with me but when I opened my four-year-old brand new, never-been-used dishwasher...and it was filled with sawdust?  Good googly moogly.  If I could wring his neck, I would.  Naturally, when I drove to Jackson for more tile, I took the opportunity to let them know that he should not receive any referrals.  As a matter of fact, I started to take all of his damned cards off of the desk and dispose of them.  I was afraid that I might be on a hidden camera so I left it alone.  But word had already gotten back about the terrible job.  I suspect that they will continue to give his card out but Lord please, don't anybody ask me for a reference. 

BFF was concerned enough about my lack of having friends and family down for Easter until she wanted to see if I could be included in her invitation to eat out.  Very considerate and sweet but not at all necessary.  I'll be painting and rocking the house with oldies but goodies until the cows get up tomorrow morning.  This is a job.  I see why painters charge so much.

Let us give thanks to the risen Lord for His glorious gift of life. Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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