April 10, 2011

A Love-ly Evening

You never know when you will receive a blessing.  Amen?  That's what happened to SF and I when we were invited to accompany Rev. Rob and my new BFF to a musical event at the Brownsville Country Club on Saturday evening.  Lord knows I needed an enjoyable end to a chaotic week. 

The dress is "dressy," you say?  Here we go, again.  Does anything fit?  Yeah, I can make an outfit out of this.  And, we're off to BJ's where we're supposed to meet.  Oops! No Rev. Rob parked anywhere and I don't know the address.  Lawd, Lawd and I don't have her phone number stored in the phone. Crap. Wait a minute, here's Rev. Rob's number.  Where is everybody?  Seems plans have changed.  BJ will drive to Rev's and we'll follow them to the country club.  Okey dokey.

Down my favorite highway, Rte. 19.  Helloo, B'ville!  I'm baack!  Following the Rev.  I don't have a clue as to where the club is located.  My, my.  Look at these houses. B'ville has it going on!  Up one road and down another.  Hmm, we've made the wrong turn and need to turn around.  Missy will make a Y.  Checked the right mirror...yeah, plenty of driveway.  WTH?  The left wheel is in a ditch?  And the Rev is no where to be seen.  SF and I finally jockey it out and away we go.  Late...again,  but within the fashionably late time limit.

Greet familiar faces and  move to the buffet.  Why would the roll drop off of the plate? Dined sufficiently and waited for the musical entertainment.  I should have prefaced this by saying that the event was hosted the Brownsville Arts Council.  Can you imagine my shock to learn that the Big Rip has such an organization, as well? 

Boys and girls, I only knew that the music would consist of a vocalist.   Miss Abby Burke is not just a vocalist...she is extraordinary.  I have paid good money to hear the likes of Nancy Wilson, Nina Simone, Luther, Patty, and others.  This woman is in a class by herself.  Out of Nashville, by way of Cambridge, MA. Her vocal range is stupendous.  Her husband, who also plays clarinet and sax, and key board player were excellent but mere background to her phenomenal musical talent. 

The theme for the evening was "love." We learned about her family history, mixed lineage, the ups and downs of teenage infatuation, and more, as she chatted her way through the setup for the next song.  Witty and funny.  We learned that she and her husband were ordained ministers which gave understanding as to why many of the chosen pieces were religious but set to a jazz tempo. She gave tribute to her northern roots with a short rendition of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and blew the roof off the place with a tremendous version of "Dixie Land."  Now, we know that song is not necessarily a favorite but you've got to give the girl her props. A fantastic evening. Filled with love.

Stopped to give her congratulations on a wonderful performance and learned from Mr. Bond's sister, that he was hospitalized.  Prayers being sent his way.

I invite you to visit Miss Burke's homepage, ABBY BURKE,  and listen to several of her songs. She is awesome.  Thanks Rev. Rob for a special treat.  But, next time, would you wait for me?

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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