April 11, 2011

Those Were the Days

During Miss Burke's performance, she described one of her "loves" during her teenage years.  He was slim, with an Afro that reached from one side of the street, crossed the street, and ended on the other.  Perfectly round.  Elicited a lot of laughs from the audience and brought back fond memories of those days. 
The first image in my mind was that of my brother, who matched her description perfectly.  What do you think? Just think, all of that hair hit the barbershop floor when he joined the Navy.  And, now???

I sported a pretty nifty one, as well.  I won't even try to explain the steps I had to take to get the look.  Let's just say that women will use all means necessary when it comes to the hair.

So now I'm thinking that a short, silver, natural might be the way to go.  The best thing that I can say about my shoulder-length growth is that it can be pinned up easily. A real time-saver.

Can't say enough about Abby Burke.  If you haven't visited her page, take a moment to do so. Abby Burke.  And download her cd while you're there.  It is a well-spent  $9.95.

Thanks for the memories, Abby.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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