April 10, 2011

Murphy's Law

Tile man shows up bright and early to rip off the old counter tops and dismantle my plumbing.  Show him the tile that I'd chosen to go with the backsplash; explained again that I was going with a wooden trim and not the bullnose that we'd discussed, initially.  He'll pick up everything that is needed.  See you on Thursday.  Cool.  At least the cabinets will be in place and everything stashed by the time SF gets in. Now, I've been through this before and should have known that anything that can go wrong (Murphy's Law) will.  Boy, howdy!

Everything formerly stored in the kitchen cabinets has been stowed throughout the dining room, foyer, hallway...wherever there is a space, something from the kitchen is there.  So the contractor was in for a surprise when he thought that he would easily bring the cabinets through the front door into the kitchen.  He was lucky that I was able to open the front door!  Yeah, I've got stuff.

Those solid, wooden cabinets, of which I was so proud?  The base cabinets and drawers fell apart in trying to move them out.  Say WHAT?  Old age, I guess.  Turns out buying new was a good idea, after all. The contractor couldn't believe it.  "I had someone who wanted them."  REALLY?  I had a use for my cabinets, also. See, my thought is that I've donated more than enough to the local populace, either through ignorance, being used,  or having a good heart.  This time, the plan was to put them to use in the laundry and storage areas.  Fortunately, the wall cabinets endured. At the end of the day, the cabinets were in place (we'd bought an additional set by mistake) and I had the house to myself.  At last.  And, dang, what a difference they made.  I didn't fully realize how ugly that kitchen was.  Close to god-awful. 

Back to Jackson in the a.m. Need to get a refund for the extra cabinets and, hot damn, get knobs, as well as a few other things.  I'm late this time--detoured through D'burg to pick up the mirrors that I'd ordered--and they are waiting...with bad news.  "Can't come today."  I did mention Murphy's Law, right? Fine with me.  This is my first cold in forever and it is kicking my natural behind.  Means that SF will walk into total chaos but then he's come to expect it, I suppose.  Off to Lowes for molding and whatever else they need.  Did I mention cost overruns are to be expected but not budgeted? Murphy's Law at work again???

And it kicks in again with a delayed and then a canceled flight.   Arrival at 10:30 p.m.  I'm early.  Did I really have a reason to be late?  With no working kitchen and the few eateries in the Big Rip closed as tight as a nun's legs, we're dining in the Huddle House at midnight.  Lawd.  Lawd. 

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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