April 10, 2011


Yep, I am officially retired or, rather, semi-retired because I'll still be working three days a week.  Note to world:  Don't even think about calling me in to work on a day off!  So how does it feel?  I don't have a clue.  Every day has been a work day:  up early; on the road; and frustrations galore. 

Bright and early, on Saturday morning, Abby and I were on our way to Jackson. The decision has been made to replace all of the cabinets in the kitchen and not try to patch in additional ones.  There was a slight problem with finding matching doors, yada yada, and the thought that the end result would be mammy-made.  Not a good thing.  This is going to be a major financial stretch. Damn!  Why didn't I see those cabinets before I turned in my notice?

Not to worry, I'd been to the Habitat for Humanity's store in Jackson and knew that they had plenty of new cabinets available for sale.  I just might be able to make this work.  Until I got there and found that they'd sold out of every damned cabinet!  Say WHAT?

Back to the outlet.  I've figured every way possible, every shortcut, pinched every penny, worried the contractor to death--what if?  He is adamant that he will not rout the existing doors to match the new ones. And, while it looks easy, I've never used a router in my life.  Now is not the time to learn.  It is crunch time.   I absolutely hate those boxy, unfinished oak cabinets.  Don't care if they can be painted, varnished, shellacked, whatever.  They remind me of apartment cabinets and I've seen enough of those to last me a lifetime.  My, my, how the lowly have risen. 

Well, looky here.  Those cabinets that I really want can be financed.  REA-L-LY?  What the hell.  The only thing that they can say is no...which is exactly what they did.  Drats!  Okay,  back to the unfinished cabinets.  Not even considering the oak cabinets.  See you on Monday.

Up on Sunday to do yard work.  Had to put in my lovely rose bush which my youngest "daughter" gave me as a retirement gift.   Planted, fertilized, and prayed over.  Love yellow roses.  Grow, damn it!  Warm but very windy day.  BJ and I hooked up to dine out in D'burg.  But, first,  I've got to stop in Lowes to check out knobs.  I've already explained to my new BFF that I had really wanted a high-end set of cabinets but that poor planning on my part caused me to, again, settle for the next best thing.  What does she do?  Drag me over to the kitchen displays. Drive the dagger in my heart a little deeper, why don't you?   Light bulbs start flashing.  Don't you just love it when that happens?  Trim is the answer.  Hot damn!  Little bun feet!  Crown molding!  By jove, I think this just might work!  Thanks, BJ, and I enjoyed the dinner, as well.

Monday, it's an early morning ride back to Jackson.  Checkbook in hand.  I'm meeting everybody to buy and/or pay.  What's this?  Tornado watch?  Are you kidding me?  And, I feel awful!  For a change, everyone is late but me.  The contractor announces that he is not removing the counter tops; that is the job of the tile man.  The tile man looks dumbfounded.  I'm pissed.  Why didn't you work this out beforehand? Whateverrr. Just get this decided and let's get a move on.  I want something done and completed before SF hits town.  It seems that something is always under construction or being painted whenever he visits.

My check is refused???  Debit card won't go through???  Everybody is looking at me with the evil eye. You can just hear them saying, "Is this check any good?"   Hold on fellows...I checked the bank before I left home.  There is a logical explanation for this.  Yep.  The bank has a limit on the daily amount for the card but they will gladly raise it to what I need for the day.  Thank you, Jesus.  (One of the bennies of living in a small town.) And the check was refused by the store's service because of the amount and the fact that I'd never written a check to them before.  See?  I told you that there was a logical excuse.  Of course, I am now tapped out.  Used the last check and the card is maxed out.   Very high winds derail any plans for cabinets making their way to Ripley.  See you tomorrow.  Bright and early.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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