May 14, 2011

Rites of Spring

Relay for Life; proms; graduations; tornadoes; floods; Smoke on the Water (aka Barbecue Fest in Memphis); NBA playoffs.  I don't know if I can hit all of the topics but I'm giving it a try.

I don't know much about the Relay for Life event other than it is used to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Can't remember such an event taking place in the D.C., area, although I am sure that it does.  One thing for sure and two things for certain, it is a huge deal in this neck of the woods. Feverish preparation, big competition among the participating organizations (and in a small town like this one, that means every business and civic organization).  Have missed each one since I've been here and thought I would miss the one held last Friday. 

The square was brightly decorated as I drove through on my way to work.  Learned that it started at 6 p.m., although groups were setting up early in the day, and would end at midnight.  I got off at 10 p.m., and truly meant to go home.  Until a young lady said "Oh, you'll get off just in time for the talent show and can hear me sing."  I really didn't have an excuse, did I?  I live off the square so parking or distance was not an issue.  So, BFF and I hook up and walk over.  Most of the events were over and people were packing up but a few die-hards were hanging around.  The talent show finally took place with an exhibit of wonderful talent including a mime, a man confined to a wheelchair who had a tremendous tenor voice (or was it baritone?), groups from various churches, and my "pretty girl" from Wally who sang the hell out of her song.  Not being facetious or sarcastic, she is truly very pretty, and has a great voice.  See, life is just unfair sometimes--pretty, shapely, pleasant, and CAN sing!  Sheesh!  I believe I read that Wally took 2nd place in judging.  Way to go.  And, of course, lots of money was raised.

Memphis is just outdoing itself in the month of May.  Flooding everywhere.  Can't take my usual route to the airport because a part of 51 is underwater.  SNAKES in the water; not just any ol' snake but cottonmouths. Even I know that they are poisonous.   Houses, including some of my coworkers, are underwater.  Seriously, only the roof is showing in many cases. Tunica is all but shut down.  Of course, their visitor's bureau is advertising that they are open for business; however, the only thing to see in Tunica are the casinos.  Sewage backing up and people are being told to stay out of the water.  One station said that they could show pictures of the affected areas but you would have to imagine the stench. OMG. 

But with all of that, Memphis is rolling right along.  The Memphis Grizzlies are putting on a show...bumped the Spurs in the first round and trying hard to dump The Thunder.  Game 7 on Sunday.  Tune in.   What happened to the Lakers?  SWEPT you say?  Has that ever happened?  Smoke on the Water had to be moved from Tom Lee Park, its usual venue, and moved to the fairgrounds.  Tom Lee is underwater.  Missed it again this year.  Maybe next year.

Chil'ren, big and small, are enjoying the graduation ceremonies and going to proms.  But absolutely nobody in the world is more excited about their commencement speaker than the proud graduates of Booker T. Washington High School.  Why?  Because President Barack Obama will deliver the address to them on Monday.  Click on the link to get the full story.   Commencement Address   And, just think, the first Black president of the U.S., will be in town and I can't even get to Memphis to stand along his travel route, congregate outside the convention center, NOTHING!  Congratulations to BTW!

So what about the prom?  A contingent of party-goers descended on Wally,  in all of their regalia, with their mamas and babies trailing behind them.  Lawd, Lawd!  White tux with red vest; white tux with orange shirt and silver tie to match his date's orange dress and silver shoes.  Thanks be to Glory that no one tried to match their dates' purple dresses. And there was a huge run on silver shoes.  Flats would have been appropriate for a few of those who either had bad feet or hadn't learned to walk in them.  And to the mother who paraded her chil'ren through during the midday hours--the black outfit was too grown for the tweenie (I had a similar dress a few years back so I know from whence I speak), not to mention the long dangling silver earrings, yada yada.  See...even though it was tea length with a scooped front showing the legs, the legs were full of cuts from her doing only God knows what.  Concealer works well on that.  A full skirt works even better.  The other daughter's dress was pretty but strapless.  Really?  Was she old enough? But then, I'm from the old school.  Have the braces taken off for the night.  Start working on that complexion months in can spend a fortune on a dress but zits attract the attention every time. And those black elbows in those strapless gowns?  Start working on them, young girls.

And who should walk through the door but Mikey, his wife, and their son.  The son was just too cool dressed in his black suit and red tie. And they, too, had to parade around the store.  Lawd, Lawd, that boy is trouble.  Written all over him. 

Perhaps the Big Rip should consider having a pre-prom fashion show in the new amphitheater, next year.  I'm just saying. 

Be safe. Be Blessed.  GO GRIZZLIES!

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