May 05, 2011

Law And Order

Well, boys and girls, you knew that it was coming.  I am T-totally fed up with being victimized by some low-life scum bag who thinks that I am easy pickings.  So I hied myself off to the monthly Board of Aldermen's meeting and made myself known to the community and my elected officials.

Followed protocol and got on the agenda.  Prepared my speech.  I was told that it was too long and shouldn't exceed two minutes.  Promised to talk fast.  Was also told not to chastise and I both know that sarcasm comes to me as easily as breathing.  Had my facts in hand, replete with copies for distribution to the Board.  They don't have time to waste and neither do I.

First up was the coach of the softball team who laid out a reasoned, lengthy, discourse on the softball tournament recently held in the city and the denial, by the Parks Department, to allow him the use of the city ball fields.  Had receipts and letters showing that virtually every retailer in the area benefited by the event. He was only asking that the city meet him mid-way so that it could become an annual event in Ripley.  The department head is obviously against working with him.  Is it personal?  The upshot is that they will meet and try to reach common ground.  Wonderful.  After that discussion, I wasn't about to cut my presentation short.  Batter Up!

So I laid out my history and presented my questions with the understanding that most, if not all, could not be answered during that session.  Observed that it was a rising problem affecting all segments of the community and needed to be addressed. I couldn't resist noting that they had spent a lot of time, money, resources, not to mention money, in ousting the previous police chief and, being responsible for the well-being of the citizens, I hoped that they would spend some time in formulating a response.

Well, here's what happened. The mayor stated that the interim chief, hereafter known as Munchkin, would remain in that position until the end of their term. Hmmm-raises my eyebrows but I only know him as the gatekeeper when you come to the meetings. Until they called him up to speak to my concerns and WHAM!  I know who the hell you are.  You are the officer who responded to the 2nd break-in and observed that you didn't know that anyone lived in the house and that it needed modernization. I didn't know your name and only remembered that the officer was short and neat.  So that accounts for why you stood in front of the assembly and tried to belittle my remarks:  "In 2007, you called about a knocking sound but no one was there when we responded.  In 2009, you reported a break-in but they only took $20."  Excuse me, Munchkin, if someone or something caused me concern, it is the duty of the RPD to respond and check it out. Surely you didn't expect for them to stay around when half of the force showed up with flashing lights, etc.?  Or did you?  Nor did you note that the motion detector was blinking when the first officer arrived.  Further, whether it was a penny or more, it was mine...and my house that was broken into.  Give me a major break!

So he was cut off at his knees.  I calmly interrupted his recitation and informed him that I was aware of what had happened at my house; my request was for a detailed response from the Board.  Good googly moogly.  Munchkin damned near imploded.  An alderwoman responded that she and her husband had also had serious problems with crime, including her husband being robbed at their home...and that she agreed with my concerns.  And, it must be noted, that the Alderman in charge of the RPD was absent.  How convenient.

As I sashayed my brown round out of the meeting, I stopped by Munchkin and told him that he'd missed one of the events; that they happened within a month of each other to the day. He won't find a report--we know that one was not filed.   BFF and I headed to get something to eat and go over what happened.  She was startled to learn that he was the officer who had made the remarks and I died laughing.  It explained his derisive response to the questions posed. 

I have since learned that 2/3 of his family are locked away in the "big house."  One of them just happens to be the "notorious" drug dealer, husband to that hateful woman who was my immediate manager when I first arrived at Wally,  sent away for many years prior to my arrival in this happy community.  Think that I need to watch my back?  It has been noted that I will probably not get any response from the RPD in the future.  Their response, so far, has only been a show so what's new?

But here's the kicker.  The weekly paper, in covering the board meeting, published my address!  WTH?  Are you setting me up for future problems?  Fortunately, the bars are up.  Another layer of security in this town of seven thousand.  Who knew?  You and I both know that a trip to discuss that issue with the editor is in order.  Something along the line of endangering citizens, yada yada.

So here's the question.  Are you ready?  How does this town justify installing, or leaving in place, as head of the police department charged with ENFORCEMENT of laws, someone whose family has such strong criminal ties?  I'm just asking. 

It appears that Munchkin has placed me on his hate list. Next time, keep your mouth shut.  And do your job.  Start bringing people in for committing crimes.

Pray for me.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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