May 03, 2011

Monsoons In The Mid-South

Rain, rain, go away.  Come again another day.  Preferably in July or August when we will really need it.  Last year, to the day, this area was hit with flooding and here we go again.  While I am so thankful to be spared the flooding, enough already!

Traveling to Covington, I found that the culverts, or ditches, or gullies, or whatever they are called,  are filled to overflowing; the Loosahatchie has exceeded its normal flood area--the utility poles are half-way under water; the parking lots to many factories were impassable.  And, lo and behold, Canadian geese were gathered in flocks along the roadside. I haven't seen one goose since I've been here.

Checked the TDOT map to see where the roads were flooded before I left home.  I cannot afford to get stuck anywhere outside of D.C.  One of the Walmarts, in Memphis, has flooded. Water is backing up through the storm drains. Millington, hard hit in last year's floods, is flooding again. And they are talking about snakes in the water.  OMG.  Serendipity's front and side yards were past the puddle stage--check out the volume of water rushing down the walkway.  Yeah, I know that it is sideways but you get the drift. 

You know that it is doing some serious raining when I had to break out the rain gear--my hat and coat.  Haven't had that hat or coat on in years.  Just trying to stay dry.  So, the rain hat is a new look and folks don't recognize me.  Hmmm.  Might have to start wearing something other than my baseball cap. 

Met with the author of the series of books on the homes of Lauderdale County, Billie Morris, who was kind enough give me photos of Serendipity in its prime.  If I heard her correctly, The P. Glass House (aka Mrs. Savage's and now Mrs. Blackman's) is one of the older homes in the city.  I would love to see what it looked like during his time.  Really would like to know what it looked like on the inside--during his stay or Mrs. Savage's.  All of that gorgeous gingerbread...rotted and most of it unsalvageable (you know that I tried), but I do think I'm happier without the faux widow's walk across top. All in all, the look hasn't changed drastically from then to now.  I can imagine what the reaction would have been if major changes had been made. By me.

I had hoped to learn more about the history of Serendipity as well as the area but she was fact-checking some photos of earlier Black residents of Henning with a gentleman who used to be a principal at one of the Black schools.  I absolutely love old photographs so I was happy in leafing through the earlier volumes while I waited.  A meticulous researcher, Ms. Morris is performing a yeoman's job in trying to make sure that each person is correctly identified.  While interesting, I had places to go and things to do. So, I made my exit but not before I filled out my membership to become a "Friend of the Lauderdale County Library."  Told you that I would.  And the look on the woman's face, who took the application, was priceless. 

More rain in the forecast for today.  Be Safe. Be Blessed.  GO GRIZZLIES!


SmokeFreeZone said...

I'm VERY mindful of NOT telling the Creator how much and what He should do!!!
He's the ALL KNOWING, the weather expert and always knows what HE'S DOING!!! We may not always agree, but it's best to let Him make the decisions...

Just a thought...

DCnTN said...

SmokeFreeZone, appreciate the comment. I wouldn't presume to chastise the Creator. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment.