May 01, 2011

Water & Wind = Disaster

Let me begin by giving thanks to the Almighty for coming through this week unscathed. My neighbors, near and far, were not so fortunate. Portions of Lauderdale, Dyer, and Shelby counties are being evacuated because the Mississippi, Loosahatchie, and other rivers are at an all-time high and engulfing low-lying areas.   I have heard customers talk about friends who are losing their homes to flood waters--"four feet of water in the house," "we've moved the farm equipment to high land." One gentleman commented that he rode down 19 to see how high the water was (even though the road was closed):  "they're catching catfish by the side of the road." 

Towns in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia were totally demolished by tornadoes, some with a F-5 rating. Closer to home, trees have come crashing down on top of homes and other buildings.  My good friend, Floyd, at the Realtors' office, made front page news with a photograph and article on the damage his property suffered when a tree toppled.  With the number of huge trees on my property and their proximity to the house, I am ever so thankful. 

Rain has continued to fall throughout the week accompanied by severe thunderstorms, both day and night.  Several nights, including last night, were filled with the sounds of continuous thunder.  I'm still trying to figure out the geographic, geologic, whatever, make-up of this area because the sound of the thunder is just unreal.  The booms shake the house and everything in it.  You can hear glass items rattling--the doors to the shower, display items, things on the wall.  One sequence of booms had the cadence of timpani drums and the big, marching band bass drums. Boom, boom, BOOM!  The Great Conductor at work.

So we had two days of sunshine and it is raining fit to beat the band, as I type.  No outside work today.  Yesterday, I took advantage of the pleasant temperatures and finished clearing the brick walkway from the front to the side.  Hard work, best done when the soil is moist because it becomes cement when it is dry. I also put out lilies and a tomato plant.  Yep, going to try it again. Don't understand why I can't grow tomatoes down here, in the land of the "Ripley Tomato," but could grow them in D.C.  Have azaleas to plant but the forecast is for rain through Tuesday.  I hope that they get a thorough soaking because it looks like they won't get in the ground until next weekend.

Since it is apparent that I will not be moving from the homestead today, I'm off to finish those kitchen cabinets. Lawd, Lawd.  But I'm on the downswing, now.  They are almost done. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Today is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.  GO GRIZZLIES!

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