June 19, 2011

What Are the Odds...

of someone being locked out of their home or as Serendipity is also known, the castle,  in two consecutive months?  I don't know the answer but I can surely attest to the fact that I have to be among the top 20.  Can you believe it?  I surely didn't when I found myself on the wrong side of the door.  I don't even remember flipping the lock.  I did say that it has become second nature, didn't I?

Well, boys and girls, here's to following your first impulse.  Mine was to stay inside and get some things done.  But, nooo, I had to go outside and pick up some of the branches which fell during yesterday's storm. And, while I was at it, why not spray some more weed kill?  And admire the flowers?  So, you can imagine my face when I turned the knob and it didn't budge.  Or, better yet, when I patted my pocket and the keys weren't there?  Okay.  They fell out...let's retrace the steps before hitting the panic button.  Along the fence line, around the trees, by the flower bed.  Made that circuit, twice.  No keys.  Alrighty then. 

I have never picked a lock in my life.  I understand that it can be done with a credit card.  Need something slim and thin.  There has to be something useful in the garage.  Why not just walk over to the police station, Missy?  Let's just say that I was not appropriately dressed for a walk in public.  Putty knife in hand and...nothing.  Now, I'm starting to sweat.  Obviously, this is not thin enough.  Ah, here's a metal one; surely, this will work.  Dripping sweat at this point. Lawd, Lawd.  Here are options:  1) sit on the porch and hope the police cruise by (fat chance) and  2) hope that the police cruise by (fat chance). Finally, the lock gives and I'm in.  Thanks be to Heaven.  And, I'm in for the duration. 

This area had a terrific storm on Thursday, so bad until we were herded into the back at Wally's. One minute it was daylight; the next minute, midnight.  The winds turned over, moved, blew down everything in its path.  When the sliding doors opened, rain blew in sideways.  After the storm passed, people rushing in for food and candles (lights out everywhere) related stories of trees being down, folks trapped in cars under falling trees, blown transformers, and more.  I worried about the huge trees around me but there was no sense in borrowing trouble.  It stormed all night.  On the following morning, I found that a tree had snapped on the newspaper's lot and fallen halfway across the fence.  No damage on my side.  But the house on the corner?  A huge tree fell across one of the cars.  Sounds of chain saws all day on Saturday.

So, what's with the "castle" moniker?  Don't ask me.  A co worker decided that she wanted to see where I lived--um hmm-- and someone told her that I lived in the house that looked like a castle.  She said that she wanted to see if I was putting out all of those flowers which I keep buying.  I guess she approved and really don't care.  It was a compliment to hear from one of the previous owner's friends that she really liked what had been done so far.  Looks like a private showing is in the works for her and my 90-year-old friend.

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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