June 22, 2011

Almost 19,000 Cookbooks?

Good googly moogly!  And, I tell people that I collect cookbooks?  Yeah, right!  You have got to read this amazing article about this gentleman who lives, in all places, the Big Rip!

Terry Ford is the editor of The Lauderdale Enterprise.  My next door neighbor, if you will.  I had the opportunity to talk to him a few weeks ago (remember, I was ticked that they published my home address) and he told me a few more tidbits about the property and the community.  He also mentioned that he loved to cook and told about having Julia Child here for lunch.  But he never mentioned that he owned a kazillion cookbooks. 

The Commercial Appeal ran an article on him this morning and my jaw dropped open.  I flew past his "library" yesterday, on the way to Humboldt, and wondered what the hours were for this country store.  "How do they stay in business?"  Now, I know that it is no longer a store but a repository for his huge collection.

Enjoy the article:  Love of food leads Ripley, Tenn., native into exclusive circle of aficionados

Terry, I want a tour!  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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