July 12, 2011

A Delicate Matter

This has been the hardest post to put up. Why? Because James O. White, my father, died a few weeks ago. Courtesy says that I must mark his passing because he was my father. I have no fond, happy childhood or adult memories to share with you. A sad statement. I will merely say that I hope his final days were peaceful ones.

James O. White Obituary: View James White's Obituary by The Washington Post

Be safe.  Be Blessed. 


Tk421 said...

Go to your Room!!!!

DCnTN said...

How did I forget that one?

Tk421 said...

Momma that by far is the best tale that I have and the funniest even in the darkest hour your face I remember was priceless as you were half way up the steps and you said wait I am damn near 56 years old WTF am I doing this is my house I cant believe and you stomped back down