July 26, 2011

Stories To Tell

Yeah, buddy!  We've got a lot of catching up to do.  Starting with the weekend of the 4th, when a 91-year-old was shot during a home invasion a mere block away.  Good googly-moogly.  Seems this was the 2nd time that someone broke in within a matter of weeks.  This time, however, he was able to get off his own round first.  Grazed in the temple but I understand that he is okay.  Lawd a mercy.

The crime spree continues in the Big Rip.  Commercial or residential, it doesn't matter.  So, they are cutting the electricity to kill alarms; aiming cameras in opposite directions; coming across the fields instead of parking by the establishment; knocking on the door to see if anyone's home--no answer, kick in the door.  Makes me wonder why this couple that I didn't even know was knocking on the door a few weeks ago.  Yes, I was looking right at them.  Learned from the master.  My mother excelled at looking at you, still as a mouse, and not opening the door.

Troubles with the second "yard man."  I just don't understand.  I thought that I'd solved the problem and, now, weeds are growing around the barn/shed/garage, trees, and anywhere else he thinks he can get by; the areas that I specifically pointed out to take care of--zilch; mini-haystacks in the back; and bare spots where the blade is too low.  Self? Why am I paying him if I have to do those tasks? Think he's gonna be replaced.

And the tremendous crash in the middle of the night?  OMG! They're coming through the front door!  Grabbed the phone, ready to make that call to the RPD.  Ran to the front.  Everything's intact.  What could it have been?  Looked in the dining room and the painting,  which I had so proudly hung all by myself, had come crashing down.  Totally demolished the chair rail.  Mo' money.  The painting?  Not a scratch. So glad that I didn't make that call.  I would have been t-totally embarrassed. 

Thought that I had finally found a handyman.  N-O-T!  He's dropped of the face of the earth.  And now I found out that the young man has done time.  Lawd, Lawd.  The boy is probably back in jail.

Made another stab at getting my living room furniture cleaned.  Not happening.  So I'm looking to find out how much it would cost to have them reupholstered.  Love my set.  In the meantime, I found instructions on how to clean it myself.  The project list grows and grows.  We'll see how it goes.  

Received an email asking for folks to show up at my representative's office in D'burg at noon, today.  Had to go there anyway so it wasn't a big deal.  Pulled right up and parked.  Where is everybody?  Sign on the front door, "Out to lunch."  Ducking and dodging.  You can run but you can't hide.

Please take a moment to have your eyes checked.  A co-worker came in with a patch over her eye the other day and I was all concerned..."What'd you do?"  Then I learned that while I was in Brownsville, they discovered that she had glaucoma and the eye had to be removed.  This was my first time seeing her with a patch.  Get that exam, please.  And say a prayer for the Rev. and his health issues.

So I attended the police committee meeting this morning and the D.A. was there. Hometown boy.  Young  and, even from where I was sitting, I could tell that he has NEVER done a day's hard work.  Hands look soft as butter.   After he finished with his presentation, he proceeded to speak as a citizen.  After all, he is a resident of the city.  Why did he tell them some of the same damned things that I'd mentioned in my meeting with the chief, aka "Munchkin"?  After the formal meeting, I suggested that they put up a FB page.  Most organizations have them and several police departments do, as well.  It's free.  Why not?

While in D'burg, I ran into a woman with flawless makeup and hair, personable, yada yada.  As I passed her, I thought that I only saw one arm.  A mistake.  Well, no, she didn't have a left arm.  Not a stub, no arm.  I wondered how she got all of her face paint on.  I've got two and have stopped most of the makeup routine.  Getting lazy in my old age. 

Commerce is on a roller coaster here in the Big Rip.  Factory coming; Mr. Glass Grills pulled up stakes.  A doughnut shop is scheduled to open.  Can't wait.  A family restaurant closed down.  Dairy Queen has opened it's doors and the parking lot is packed.  Wonder how much business they'll take from Mickey D's? Found a black hairstylist on the square who comes with good recommendations.  Going to give her a go next week.

Oh, got an email from a young lady researching a branch of her family.  She'd run across my request from years ago when I was trying to research the Brock family.  Wow!  They didn't have as much info as I'd pulled together.  She was excited to learn that there were family members living in D.C.  Passed along her contact info and hope that they will be able to get together. 

That's a wrap.  Be safe. Be Blessed.

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