August 09, 2011


Here we go again--a rumbling noise from the front sent me scurrying to see what on earth had happened now.  Nothing, it seems.  There it goes again.  Aaaah--thunder.  Lord, I need protection from..."From ghoulies and ghosties, And long-leggedy beasties, And things that go bump in the night...."

If I'd written that Scottish prayer, I would have included:  snakes, foxes, frogs, wasps, groundhogs and any other non-human who seems to inhabit Serendipity, aka "Wild Kingdom."  I'll forgive "yard man" for mentioning that he'd killed a snake near my tomato vine (which is doing quite well, thank you) but I am not forgiving him for trying to show it to me.  Don't want to know about it; definitely don't want to see it.  Throw it far away from this property, please.  And I'm not forgiving him for destroying a bush in the back, either.

Looked out the back window the other night and thought that I saw a large cat going across the yard.  Nope, must be a small dog because it was tracking something to the garage.  Hold on, wait a minute, that "dog" has got the bushiest tail in the world.  Lawd a mercy.  A fox.  Must have come up from the railroad tracks.  Good grief.

No rain to speak of.  Mighty, mighty hot.  Alex Haley would have turned 90 this year.  Missed the celebration on Saturday; it was too damned hot out to do more than stick the nose out of the door.  I did get gussied up and showed up at National Night Out earlier during the week.  There was a large crowd but the heat was unbearable.  Think I stayed all of 20 minutes.  The pastor giving the invocation prayed until the cows came home, mopping sweat, and reading his prayer.  There was a heartfelt amen when he finished.

The lawn needed mowing and I'm tired of paying "yard man" for mini-hay stacks, etc., so I whipped out the riding mower and attempted to do it myself.  Well...I got stuck and the mower died.  Try pushing a riding mower back to the garage, if you please. Pulled out the push mower.  Yep!  Tore my shoulder out the socket trying to pull the cord but it finally started.  There are so many dead spots where "yard man" had the blade too low; however, it will grow back.  It might take me forever to finish front and back but I think I can do the job just as well and save my money.  Well, not really save it.  Think I'll start taking it to the beautician on the square. 

Dairy Queen opened down on 51; haven't tried it yet.  Not into hamburgers but I can do with a frozen treat every now and then.  Ripley Donuts also opened.  Oh man!  I'm going to do my best to make sure they stay in business.  FRESH donuts.  Lawd, Lawd!  Not those stale Krispy Kremes that Wally is passing off.  Shake the box and they rattle.  Past stale.

So crime continues.  What's new?  Except this time, they killed the son/nephew of two of Ripley's finest.  Of course, in a town of this size, it affects more than one family.  The services were held in the high school gym because the church was too small.  And, he turned out to be the nephew of one of our co-workers.  Terrible because her own son was killed about two years ago.  Seems he gave the wrong person a ride home. Naturally, the person they were aiming for was unharmed.

Oh, the rumbling noise wasn't thunder.  It was the sound of my old golf clubs hitting the floor in the front closet.  A portion of the shelf  gave way and down they came.  Knew I wasn't losing my mind.
Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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