October 03, 2011

Jab, Jab, Punch!

Lawd, Lawd. Seems like I've been fighting since I got up. Where do I start? Abby had an appointment to get her ball joints replaced (my right shoulder joint needs replacement as well), so we're off to Covington, bright and early. I did say "appointment," right? Well, the overhead door opened as though they were awaiting my arrival and I jumped out, raring to go, book in hand. My first clue should have come when the man didn't know what I was talking about.

Two hours later, after watching him come in and talk to each customer but me, I decided perhaps I needed to talk to him and find out about the progress. The second clue should have been when he told me that they were working on it in the lower shop. Two hours later, he comes in to tell me that the whatchamacallits needed to be replaced. Fine, then replace them. Not in stock. Okay, I'll be back when they're in stock. The car is in pieces. Put it back together. You don't understand; it's in pieces and not safe to drive. Lawd, Lawd. Sistah girl went off. See, I'd been sitting in that place for four--count them--FOUR hours, and they are just discovering this? Pulleeze. Jab, Jab, Punch. Bottom line: You need to get me a your expense. Talking about rednecks getting redder.

Off to Enterprise. Like that Ford Edge. Of course, the young lady decided I needed the Camry. No problem. Just give me something. I've got things to do and places to go. Car is dirty--not dirty, dirty--but not as clean as it should have been. But after fighting at the dealership, I was too worn out to go a round with her.

Off to order windows. Don't make them in the size I need, you say. That was a sucker punch. Off to the paint counter. The gentleman really didn't want to be bothered. Can I punch him?

Now I'm off to the special hearing of the City Board where they are taking up issues including the establishment of an independent board to oversee the Gas and Water Department and redistricting. Now all of this is a done deal but since they asked for input.... Several of us were getting in punches. Please tell me how you can establish a board without having any idea of how it will function; the chain of command; citizen's recourse? Looking for good, qualified candidates, you say? And the only criteria for appointment is that you be a resident and property owner. Excuse me! This is criteria? Don't have to read or write? The person can be senile as long as they are a resident and own property. Then the shouting match between a former alderman and two current ones began. Punch, punch, jab.

It's time for the game to begin. Time for me to leave. Out to the new ride. Where the hell are the lights? I know that it took me a good five minutes of sitting in the dark, punching every button in sight, until I found the switch on a lever attached to the steering wheel. Maybe I'll jab the young lady when I return the ride.

Enough punches for the day. Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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Anonymous said...

And the S#*^ List to boot! What a country?!