October 02, 2011

October, Already?

"October's the month 
When the smallest breeze 
Gives us a shower 
Of autumn leaves.
Bonfires and pumpkins, 
Leaves sailing down - October is red 
And golden and brown."   

In the weather forecast this morning, the reporter mentioned that we would want these days in two months...December.  My initial reaction was that he'd made a mistake and, then, it hit me.  Good grief! It is October.  What happened to summertime?  See, it was a bone-chilling 51 degrees about 8:45 a.m. I swear that is colder than that inside Serendipity.  Multiple shirts, socks, and my nose is still running.  But it is still too early to turn on the heat.  Heck, I just had the air running the other night.  That stance just might change, however, if his predictions for night temperatures of mid to low 40-degrees come true.

Autumn leaves are definitely falling.  My plan was to trim bushes and blow away leaves so that the raking would be at a minimum later on.  However, all thoughts of doing yard work have been derailed although it is much warmer outside than it is in. Maybe I'll reconsider if the football games are a bust.

It is extremely difficult being a Redskins fan in Titan Country.  I was hoping against hope that the game would be televised because the Rams are right next door.  Next time, I'll hop across the river and find me a place to watch the game. I'm stuck with the Titans and the Browns; Dallas and the Lions.  Anybody but Dallas...Go Lions!  

In keeping with the fall weather, I'm cooking comfort foods.  Chopping, dicing, frying, stirring, and baking. The stove has been on overload all morning. Might have to move into the kitchen just to stay warm. The gas company will definitely be surprised at the usage for the month. So, I suspect, will I.

Didn't make it to Tiptonville's Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend.  Since it was nippy (one woman told me that it wasn't nippy, it was cold), I couldn't see myself driving 70+ miles to wander, outside, from one booth to the next.  Saw pictures of the event online and it is definitely on the calendar for next year.  

Slapping a little paint--trying to keep moving to stay warm.  Until next time, stay safe.  Be Blessed.

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