September 27, 2011

Another Piece of the Puzzle

Well, boys and girls, those three spiny bushes with the weird-looking fruit--is it an apple or what?--and the pretty blooms have been identified as Japanese Flowering QUINCE.  You go, Mr. JC Dupree, Jr., of the UT Lauderdale County Extension Office.  Talking about being on top of it!

I'm not even going to post a picture of my straggly bushes. However, this is what they  should look like and  a picture of the fruit.  My bushes (or fruit for that matter) don't look like that. My fruit is deformed.  Maybe less ruthless pruning and some fertilizer might help. Ya' think?

The University of Arkansas' Cooperative Extension Office has an informative piece on the bush and its history.  Japonica  Yep, it is also known as Japonica and the fruit  is used to make jelly.  An interesting read. So that part of the puzzle is solved.

However, it is still a puzzle as to why I can't get workmen to show up when they're supposed to. Good grief, you have to beg people to take your money?  Another no-show this morning, so walking back from the Square, I asked the people replacing the roof on the house on corner (the one where the humongous tree fell during the storms in April) for a card.  The owner was Johnny-on-the-spot in following up. 

He had an interesting tale to tell.  He'd been called in to do some work in the back bedroom, years ago.  The bed had fallen through the floor.  Get out!  You know that I'm about ready to pack and move.  Seems that the previous owner had a huge, heavy bed and the joist gave way.  Now I understand why it looks as though the floorboards had been cut.  They had to replace the flooring.  Did a fantastic job in matching the wood.  Don't understand why she didn't take the whole floor out,  but....  He said that her headboard was a magnificent piece of mahogany and went almost to the ceiling.  Lawd, Lawd.  If only these walls could talk.

Be safe.  Be Blessed

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