September 26, 2011


Took Abby to get new ball joints and started a crossword puzzle while waiting.  Man, I haven't done one in some time and this is a big one.  Should carry me through at least an hour of the projected wait time. Someone else had started and either gave up or had to leave.  What's this...a pub projectile is beer?  A Mexican wrap is a...tamale? Hmmm.  I think that the person before me had varied tastes. 

Midway through the puzzle, the service manager informed me that they would have to order the parts from the supplier (keeping the necessary parts on hand added to the inventory overhead) and that they wouldn't be in until late afternoon.  Did I want to continue to wait?  I don't think so. Let's order the parts and set an appointment for next Monday.

Back to the Big Rip, with my cuttings and fruit from the mystery bushes in tow.  Someone is going to tell me what they are.  Since no one whom I've asked has had the answer, the next step is the state's Extension Center.  You know, the place that runs the 4-H programs, etc. Do you know where it is, Missy?  Why, certainly.  Confidently pulled up outside the USDA Center, gathered my goodies, and went it.  Wrong place.  See, the USDA Center and the UT (University of Tennessee) Extension Center are not one and the same. Well, do tell.  So I'm given the directions to the right place. "Clearly marked," I was told. Flew right past it.  See, unless you knew that the Extension Center was down the side road with a sign for "Veterans Services," you would never find it.

Made a u-ie and gathered up the goodies, again, and went into the former home of  the Veterans Services. "Looks like a cranapple but let me call (I didn't catch his name).  He'll be able to tell you."  Well, boys and girls, he identified it as a pear.  N O T.  And we already know that it is not an apple. This thing is from a bush, not a tree. What's-his-name took my numbers and promises to call with the correct information.  Maybe we can solve this particular puzzle.

I know with certainty that we will not solve the puzzle of why street names are not clearly marked in this town. I guess they didn't figure on having to deal with a bunch of outsiders trying to get from point A to point B.  And did you figure out the correct answers to the above clues?  Darts are pub projectiles; serapes are Mexican wraps.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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