September 25, 2011


The "internationally-known" Halls' Air Show was held this weekend.  Nope, the kid didn't attend.  Not after those tremendous air show crashes last weekend.  However, my not showing up did not stop the show.  As I cruised up and down Rt. 51, I was treated to views of airplanes doing loops, spinning 360 degrees, and more. That was close enough for me.  Unfortunately, the great state of TN, at least in this neck of the woods, doesn't believe in putting shoulders on the sides of the roads so stopping to rubberneck is out of the question.  Or, perhaps that is the reason for not having them?

And how does Halls, a small community of less than 3,000, come about having an air show, you ask?  According to their web site: "It is home to the Veterans' Museum on the grounds of the Dyersburg Army Air Base, which documents the history of the WWII Army Air Corp. It was the main base for the B-17 Flying Fortress Bombers in the mid 40's."

Now, boys and girls, please don't ask me why the base was named Dyersburg Army Air Base, when Halls is located in Lauderdale County, 'cause I surely don't know.  Ah, a little digging located this nugget in the Halls' Charter: Dyersburg Air Base. Priv. Acts 1947, ch. 447, authorized the Town of  Halls and the Town of Dyersburg to acquire, own, operate and maintain jointly for municipal purposes the "Dyersburg Air Base."  Alrighty, then.

The weather is also loopy...and frightening.  Do you think I'll ever take these tornado watches/warnings in stride? Actually, I don't want to become too comfortable but each time I hear about the possibility, fear and trepidation take over.  It's a good thing that I left nail-biting behind in my teen years; my fingertips would be bloody.  Brief rain and thunderstorms and then...the dreaded tornado warning for Lauderdale County. In the middle of the Bears/Packers game.  Are you serious?  Until 10 p.m.?  A severe thunderstorm rolled through, along with the train, and I wasn't sure whether to run for the closet or not.  No sirens, so it must have been the train. Lawd, Lawd.

Picked up those mouse traps which are supposed to lure the suckers in and keep them (where I won't see them) while I was out.  Great! Loaded them with peanut butter (my mother swore by it) and put out not one, but two.  Silence all day...until I started writing this post. Rustling behind the bookcase.  Are you kidding me? WTH...the peanut butter is not working. What am I supposed to do?  Cut the post short, obviously. And, he has got to go.

Go 'Skins. Beat Dallas!  

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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