September 24, 2011

Out and About

Friday was officially the first day of the Fall season and it was a gorgeous day. The little kiddies from the Nursery School took a field the pear tree next door.  How cute!  Photographs, being lifted on shoulders to pick their very own pear, and having story time on the grass.  Leave a pear for me.

It's still warm enough to wear flip flops, sandals, etc.  But, really,  when you have a pair of sandals that rock...the heel is high enough to slim those chunky thighs...rusty heels should NOT be out and about.

Don't Ask; Don't Tell is officially dead and the LTG community in Ripley has exploded.  Make that the L portion. Yes, Missy, you are really stepping into it now.  It is as though a sign went up saying "Welcome to Ripley."  There is a marked difference in appearance between the two races...sagging pants, hats turned backwards or sideways.  What's the point?  You are who you say you are.

Friday also marked the 4th wedding anniversary of my son and daughter-in-law.  Congratulations.  Inquiring minds want to know if any special trips are planned?

And there is another damned mouse in my house.  He is very sensibly staying behind the bookcase but not so sensibly eating the rat poison.  Lawd, please don't let him die back there.  I don't want to see him alive or dead but definitely don't want him dying where I can't get to him.  Glue paper, perhaps?  Doesn't matter...I get squeamish just thinking about it. Ugh!

Leaving the Troy Davis atrocity alone. Particularly in light of the state's decision to grant clemency to a killer within 24 hours of Davis' death...he showed remorse.  Give me a break.

Happy birthday to the September babies. Enjoy.  Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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