October 29, 2011

No Pseudonyms Here

Yeah, I'm calling everybody out by name this week!  The accomplishments are too great to be acknowledged by pseudonyms, aliases, etc.  Giving credit where credit is due.

Congratulations to several of my "daughters" are in order.  Lawd, Lawd, such good news to share.  Tonya Condell, one of the first adopted "daughters," surely hated me with a passion as I corrected, bullied, prodded  her, while working at DAR, to step up her game.  In other words, I behaved as only I can.  Girlfriend notified me that she has finally passed that hated bar exam!  Whoopee!  Tonya Condell, Esq.  I love it. 

There's another "daughter" who just published her first book.  I knew that she had it in her.  Just took a little time.  This Is My Flag, written by Katrina M. Smith, was published this fall.  Proud "mama" bought two copies.  I first met her when she came to the Ripley Walmart.  Encouraged her to spread her wings, "move to Nashville, girl."  Studying to become a voice actress, Katrina is still with Wally, and she is in Nashville. Support her by buying the book from  A great Christmas gift for the kiddies.Proud of you, girl.

I'm giving a shout out to the new manager at the Ripley store, Tim Vaughn, as well.  This is his first week in residence.  Young, an Army brat, hired out of  a Kentucky (by Ft. Campbell) store, this is his first store as the manager.  Wishing him well.  I think my coworkers will be in for a rude awakening if they think that his statement "I want to learn from you" is interpreted to mean that he doesn't know anything and they can roll over him.  Not wise.  Methinks that he is taking everyone's measure and then will work his plan.  I did take the opportunity to let him know that if the training coordinator position ever became open, again, that I would be interested.  Let no opportunity be wasted.

Congratulations also go to Alonzo and Diane Beard's daughter, Mary, who was named chair of the TN Judicial Nominating Committee.  Can't take any credit for this accomplishment.  Don't know her but I'll bask in the joy of knowing how proud her parents must be.

It is a cool, fall day, unlike the snows my peeps are experiencing up north. First Baptist will hold its annual Fall Festival. I look forward to watching the kiddies take their wagon and tractor rides around the neighborhood.  My camera is at the ready.  Wonder if they'll have the little train like last year?

The rake and blower are also at the ready.  The recent rain brought down a lot of leaves.  I need to jump on them before the weather gets too cold for me to even be concerned.

Ending on a sad note. The postmaster for Ripley committed suicide.  I dropped by the Post Office this morning and saw the funeral arrangements posted.  The clerk almost lost it when I asked if the person listed was the postmaster...a gentleman I'd only seen once or twice.  Seems like he thought that his problems were more than he felt that he could bear.  Wishing him the peace he could not find here.

There's more to tell but, in the meantime, stay warm. Be safe. Be Blessed.

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