October 31, 2011

My Father's Daughter

Damn!  Would somebody please tell me when my property became a running path?  Public thoroughfare?  An F'ng park? Did someone install an "Open to the Public" sign while I wasn't looking?  Do they know something that I don't? Did I give someone permission and forget that I did?  Sheesh!

I was on my way to take out the trash and had just stepped to the outer back door to open it when...WHOOSH!  Boyfriend, with backpack on, flew past the door.  From the front!  Damn! It's bad enough that they cut through from the back to the front...but, really, running across the front to the back?  Doing too damned much.

Across the back, stopped at the top of the hill, and looked toward the square.  Trying to cut someone off? Ambush?  WTF?  So my father's daughter had to take a step back and stifle the urge to tell him to stay off the property.  I don't know what is in that backpack. He cut around my neighbor's fence and I later saw him and a group walking up the street in the front.

Not even 45 minutes later, I step to the back and here's another hard-head standing at the back of the yard.  Where the hell did you come from?  And, just why are you in my yard?  Had to slap my father's daughter back into reality.  Keep your mouth...shut!

Call the police?  What am I going to say?  Folks in the backyard?  That would really win friends within the RPD. Now, if they had stayed can believe that the call would have been made.  Now I know why one property, not too far away,  has a 6-foot wrought iron fence totally encompassing their property.  So, here's the dilemma.  The yard is too big to fence in entirely.  Nor is it a perfect square.  So, here's the temporary solution.

Found a pole and my NO TRESPASSING sign.  Found my sledge hammer and, with my trusty shovel, drove the notice into the back of the yard, at the top of the hill.  Will pick up some more signs and liberally sprinkle them around the property.  Now, I know that it will not stop them but maybe someone can read and will take the warning to heart. Maybe the word will spread.  I can only hope.

Damn! James O. wouldn't have thought twice about a confrontation about his car, his property.  Cats weren't even allowed in the yard. He kept the hose at the ready.  God only knows what he'd do the groundhog.  The only thing stopping his daughter from stepping up is that I'm flying solo.  Seems pretty obvious to me that this goes on with regularity.  I'm just not always around to see it.  

Pray for my father's be quiet, please.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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