November 02, 2011

Continuing Ed

One of the reasons for going from full-time to part-time (aside from the 40-hour grind) employment was to take a few classes, here and there.  I'm becoming resigned to the fact that I will never acquire a Master's degree because I don't want an MBA, although a Master's in Education might be doable.  Hmmm...something else to consider. However, as I tootled through Ripley and beyond, it became clear that there is so much to learn about my new location, its customs, the people. 

For example: I have this huge pecan tree which produces an ample crop (at least, I think so), yearly.  It was Spring when I moved here and the only trees which I could readily identify were the magnolias.   "Yard man" reaped the benefits although I did send a few boxes to family.  Last year, I think that I raked them all to the street, along with the leaves.  For sure, I didn't have any to pick up.  Furthermore, having learned that it is a back-breaking, ham-string-pulling chore, I wasn't that enthused. I have learned that there are people who actually hire out for that job. I, however, don't have enough trees to make it worth my while.  But...yesterday, I found out that there are pecan picker-uppers in the stores.  Hot damn!  Why didn't someone tell me?  The new hardware store has three models from which to choose; one even rolls.  Lawd, Lawd.  I wasted no time in getting one.  And...they work! 

Flying down the highway, on my way to Covington, I noticed two signs.  The first was a "road closed" sign.  The second sign said "Bridge out."  Bridge out?  Bridge to where?  Obviously, if I didn't know that a bridge was down that road, it is not a road that I need to travel.  Or, is it?  Inquiring minds want to know.

During my jaunt, I noticed that the county runs a big highway department.  Now, I knew that they and the city were major employers but all of a sudden there are highway trucks everywhere you look.  I also want to learn about the communication system in this neck of the woods.  You know, that unpublicized system..where they learn about all the events, happenings, bids, etc., not published in the weekly newspaper? 

Things like the grand opening of a hotel/motel.  The establishment was closed for a few years but one of the Indian (not Native Americans) families bought it.  They (or their relatives) are making great inroads in owning a substantial amount of the Big Rip's commercial endeavors.  Liquor stores; gas stations; hotels/motels, and more.  The doctor whom I visited, a few years ago, has built his own clinic. The Alex Haley Museum and Interpretive Center is hosting a series of business-related seminars during the month of November. AKA is also having a fashion show this month. There must be a centralized system somewhere which alerts you to street closings, etc., right?  Of course, I've learned the answer to this one. If you are not out and about, reading notices, or a member of a family or church, you just don't find out about these things.

Flipping through Billie Morris' first book on Lauderdale County, I came across a photograph of three Civil War veterans; one of whom was Black.  Get out!  Wonder how many Blacks served on the Confederate side?

Some much to learn...and not enough time. Be safe. Be Blessed.

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