November 20, 2011


DST?  Daylight Saving Time ended a few weeks ago. DST?  Delta Sigma Theta?  Lawd, Lawd.  Miss Pink and Green until I die is writing about the Ladies in RED?  THE DST, Inc.?  Are you serious?

Yep, I infiltrated a Delta happening, under cover of darkness, and had a very good time. The Jackson, TN, Alumnae Chapter, hosted a casino night fundraiser for Lane College, "Night Life at the Delta Center," on Saturday night, complete with dinner and dancing. Through the courtesy of Andrea Bond Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Maltimore Bond, and the good Rev., I was able to get fairly gussied up and have a good meal.  Why "fairly gussied," Missy?  'Cause as usual, I was left scrambling at the last minute making changes to the outfit.  At least, I didn't have to resort to sweats.  Sheesh, shopping is in order.

So how did I, Miss Pink and Green, get invited?  Here's the connection. Mrs. Cynthia Rawls Bond (Maltimore), is vice chair of the Board of Trustees of Lane College and a Delta. Andrea, her daughter, is president of the Jackson DST Alumnae Chapter. They also own the Golden Circle Insurance Agency through which I am insured. Rev. Rob is my agent/friend. Got it?

This is my first trip to Lane College, an urban college, whose layout and architecture reminded me so much of Howard U's campus.  I'll have to go back and take a good look during the daytime. Maybe check out whether they have any desktop publishing programs.  Delta has an activity building on the fringe of the campus which was used for the affair. I meant to find out what it is regularly used for but forgot. I'll have to get Andrea to show me when she gives me my line dance lesson. 

The ladies, old and young, were turned out in their finery.  One young lady rocked her dress and had the legs to go with it.  Two ladies showed their impeccable sense of style by having on the identical dress. IDENTICAL, right down to the adorning pin at the cleavage.  One wore the dress as intended; the other wore the collar as a shawl. They, very wisely, stayed at separate gaming tables, although they could have claimed to have been fraternal twins...what a laugh.

During the meal, I located a golf partner for my good buddy (whose absence was duly noted). The obligatory welcoming remarks, prayers, and instructions were given, and then the evening started with the ladies of DST opening the dance floor with a line dance.  Got to learn it.  And then off to the tables. Alrighty then!

I know nothing about roulette and, using play money, this was a perfect opportunity to learn.  The blackjack  and poker tables held no interest because cards are too fickle, even with fake money.  We were given a $5,000 stake and my luck held true to form. The good Rev was raking it in.  As was his competitor at the other end of the table. Girlfriend was serious.  I would hate to see her playing for real money.  I learned that the roulette wheel is as fickle as cards. Before you knew it, I was slinking out to the table purchasing additional chits.  Please. 

So, as the saying goes, a good time was had by all. Thanks to my friends for an enjoyable evening. Be safe. Be Blessed.

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