November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

Holidays are a serious business in these parts.  It is a time for family and friends. Thanksgiving Day in the Big Rip and the city was locked up, down, and sideways.  If any businesses were open, other than my employer, they were hard to find.  And IF they opened, it was only for moment. The Square was deserted. Only a few cars were moving and I'm assuming that they were on their way to Grandmother's house. I am completely serious.

So here I am, at work, on Thanksgiving Day. It's not a biggie; my family is far away. But I'm missing the football games. There was a steady flow of traffic but not a crush.  Folks needing gas cards, last minute purchases, nothing better to do. Folks trying to game the system and the obligatory wench who wants to work my very last nerve. Waiting for my call to the office on that one. Be assured, I didn't respond to her which only increased her irritation.  Which makes me what..."rude and insulting."  Sistah Girl can't catch a break. Madam, you haven't seen rude and insulting.

At lunch time, I had a choice of eating dried-out sandwiches provided by my employer; hitting Mickey D's or the Colonel; or having my simple Turkey Day meal at home. Boys and is a good thing that I'd finished cooking my meal before I went in because the first two options were a no go. Neither Mickey D's or the Colonel were open.  Rushed home to nuke my lunch.

It is my second day back at work and I'm in serious pain. Pain patches run across the shoulder, in a line down the arm, and are in place on the shoulder blade.  An overuse but what's a sistah to do?  I'm even sharing them with coworkers. By the end of the shift, it was difficult to raise the arm. Lawd, Lawd.  I'm in almost the same shape which sent me to the doctor in the first place. Are there any People Greeter positions open?

But "random acts of kindness" made working on this holiday worthwhile. A young man attempted to pay for his $15 order with his EBT card.  Not enough money on the card. No money in the wallet.  As he told me to cancel the order, the young man behind him stepped up and offered to pay.  They didn't know each other and, if appearances are the judge, had completely different lifestyles. The one who couldn't pay was stunned and so was I.  Another couple's bill was $2.39. A portion of that was paid in coin but they were still short by nine cents.  They dug in their pockets; she emptied the purse.  Not to be found. Another customer stepped forth and gave the necessary funds.  Lawd, Lawd.  Restores your faith in mankind, doesn't it?

I have so much to be thankful for. Here's hoping that your day was an enjoyable one and that you gave thanks for your many blessings.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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