January 21, 2012

Inexcusable Customer Service

Lawd, Lawd! Can it get any worse?  First of all, Thomasina (aka Tom-Tom GPS) stopped working.  Just up and died in early December. Now, you know what a fix this placed me in.  I can barely navigate parts of the Big Rip, much less venture outside of city limits without use of a navigation system. Talking about lost!

Followed all of the directions on the web site. Nada. Then I reported the problem (aka incident report). Email after email from the company.  Finally talked to someone who, supposedly, could help me restore the files on the system.  One hour and forty minutes later, nothing.  So now we have to create a RMA and send the product back.  Fine.  Somewhere along the line, however, the gentleman forgot to tell me that it had to be shipped back via UPS because the postal service would not deliver to the correct door.  Help me, Father, 'cause you know that I shipped it via the U.S. Postal Service.  More emails.

The last email from TomTom, on January 4th, informed me that the system had been received and that I would receive an email from them within 10 business days letting me know when a replacement had been shipped.  Now, notice, numerous emails have flown back and forth but the one email that should have been made...was not.

I have been patiently waiting for the email letting me know that my replacement was on the way.  This morning, I tried their email system to get an update.  A complete waste of my time and energy.  So I called.  The young lady told me that it had been sent out on the 4th of January.  Wrong.  Not according to the email. A little more digging and she came back to say that FedEx delivered it on the 6th of January; I should call and let them know that there is a problem. Boys and girls...the roof blew off the head.  I should call?  "Let me speak to the manager."

He, in turn, tells me that the tracking screen shows that it was delivered. "You need to call them."  After a long diatribe pointing out their mistakes, he agreed that it was, indeed, their responsibility to locate the package. "Someone will contact you in three to five business days."

Next step was to pull up the tracking screen.  Sure enough, package delivered at 12:06; left at the front door; no signature required.  Now, I'm calling FedEx, navigating their voice system.  Awful experience. Finally get through to a real live person who repeats what I'm looking at on the computer screen. Another incident report is created; another reference number given.  "We have to talk to the driver and find out what happened. We'll get back within 3 business days."

Talking about fit to be tied.  The bottom line is this:  I don't have a GPS system and someone needs to replace it.  I fulfilled my end.  Stay tuned.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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