January 08, 2012

What a Fellowship

If you're old school, you can complete the verse.  Brings comfort, doesn't it?  So, this 2nd Sunday of the new year, I enjoyed fellowship with the congregation of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church. Almost  didn't make the service; the doors wouldn't open. Heathens not allowed. Thought maybe I was at the wrong entrance. Then learned that the knobs don't twist. You must pull the doors open.

Upon entering, I recognized several familiar faces.  The woman who took two of Cindy's pups for her grandchildren. Her sister, whom I'd met at the estate sale. My current handyman is a deacon and sings in the men's chorus. He's a praying brother. The sister of a coworker recognized me.  My neighbor who couldn't place me until she realized that I lived in the house "with the pretty red bows." And, of course, the Pastor and First Lady whom I'd met at the Christmas party.

A small church as compared to my home church; however, warm and welcoming, something GFBC, sadly, is not. Until, they get to know you, that is. Not a hymnal in sight.  Thanks be that I didn't need one and I remembered to take my own Bible.  Should have taken the magnifying glass because the print is tiny. By way of explanation, it is one that you can put in your purse.  Anyway, the service was enjoyable.  Especially enjoyed Pastor Joplin's message.  His style was similar to that of Rev. Ridley's which made me wonder had he attended Howard U's School of Divinity.

The order of the service was familiar with a few twists. I was comfortable with it and left with a good feeling.  I'll return.  Maybe I can buy a hymnal?

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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