January 08, 2012

It's A Race...

to the bottom, if you pay any attention to the current class of GOP presidential candidates. Not their race for the presidency, mind you, as so many have, thankfully, tanked in the early days.  No, Sistah Girl is talking about the "in your face" racist characterizations and statements being made by the "anybody but Mitt" crowd.

"Food stamp king." Really?  Tell me, Mr. Sleazebag Gingrich, with your lying, cheating self, were you taking a dig at the fact that 44 makes no bones about the fact that his family subsisted off of food stamps? Or, were you trying to say that only Blacks are recipients?  If it is the latter, Mr. Historian, your facts are wrong as whites make up the largest pool of food stamp recipients; Blacks are second; and Latinos are third.  Tired of you and your racist ways.  Was tired of you in the Clinton years. Particularly as you rammed through impeachment proceedings, knowing full well that your hands and those of your peers weren't clean.

Black doesn't become Blah on the second, third, or fourth soundbite.  Something about those consonants at the end which make the distinction--K and H.  Distinctive to my ears and to those of a million others. And, Mr. Santorum, we don't want you to give us anybody's money.  We want our own. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS...preferably the cushy job you had as a senator and then as a lobbyist.  Further, we'd also like to own a few rental properties, like you, so that we, too, can have additional income.  Additional, that is, to the jobs which your peers in Congress are preventing us from obtaining.

Derogatory articles, filled with racist rants, are published under your name and you claim no responsibility?  How is that, Congressman Paul?  Or, are we as delusional in interpreting the written word as you are in your rambling speeches? This is not the time for angry old men such as you and McCain.

Now, boys and girls, before you think that I have gone around the bend down here in the land of cotton,  read these two articles and see that I am not the only one who is smelling what is cooking.  Gingrich Contracts Black Tongue Disease  and The G.O.P.'s 'Black People' Platform. Both of these authors get paid for their opinions.  I'm just putting down my thoughts.  Succinctly, this year's election is not about the economy, stupid.  It's about race, pure and simple.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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