February 02, 2012

Trying to Communicate

A day late. Missed a whole day in the month of January. One day it was the 30th and the next...the first of February.  Where did it go?

At any rate, Missy is still fighting her private war with corporate America.  You know that I now have to pay for the cables and charger for the TomTom.  Not happy with that one.  I've decided that I really need to move into the technological age with everyone else and get a smart phone.  Yeah, I want the ability to check emails, do the Internet thingy, just like everyone else.  But I don't want those outrageous contracts.  So, a little research is in order.

My bare basics Tracfone serves my immediate needs.  When it works. Looking at the web site, I see that I can purchase one of those wonder gadgets for mere pennies.  Sounds good but what is the cost for being able to access the net, etc.?  Crawled my way around the site and found that they had a forum and looky here, someone had asked about that awful "check call restrictions."  What an eye opener.  The call can be blocked by foliage, structures, yada yada.  So, if you're in a wooded area, you just might not be able to make a call.  What if you're lost in the woods?  Doesn't seems like it's going to be helpful.

The next thing that I noticed was that the coverage is nationwide.  Good to know.  I can make a call anywhere in the U.S., as long as I am clear of buildings, foliage, etc.  Inquiring minds wanted to know about calls overseas.  After using up several minutes of airtime, I learned that international service is not available.  What about the sister phones?  Oh, yeah, Tracfone, Net10, Straight Talk, and a free, gov't. phone are all related. "May I put you on hold while I speak with my supervisor?" Why can't I talk to the supervisor?  Missy is in an agitated state at this point and asked where the customer service center was located.  "The Philippines but the corporate office is in Miami."  The Philippines?  Mr. President, is this one of the companies which will start to bring jobs back to the good ole US of A?

Well, Tracfone and related companies won't serve the purpose.  Off to the T-Mobile site. Well, goodness gracious, they have a "clearance" center where you can purchase refurbished phones, etc.  They also do prepaid plans. But just like the Tracfone site, it becomes a little confusing about how much it will cost for the services I want. And...will it work overseas?  I'm not a world traveler; however, I was thoroughly pissed when I could not make a call from the Dominican Republic.Your carrier must be an international one.

More research is in order.  Maybe I should have sprung for an IPad or laptop, afterall. Well, it's not too late.  Putting it on the list.  And trying to figure out why the cordless phones aren't working but the land lines are.  Sheesh.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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