March 11, 2012

A Good Friend

God has brought you Across my path That we may become friends...  God sends people into your life for a reason. Barbara Elizabeth Tucker Harrell came into my life in January 1999. She left on Feb. 24, 2012.  She was one of the "big-hair women" from Texas who held sway at DAR, as an executive officer, when I became a manager there.  Our employer/employee relationship became a friendship which lasted although our lifestyles had little in common.  I am struggling to make it; she owned ranches, oil and gas wells. But her wealth was not how she lived her life.

Devoutly religious, very private, Mrs. Harrell was a compassionate, caring woman.  We laughed and talked, exchanging calls and emails.  She cemented my interest in tracing my family tree, providing guidance and research on those elusive Brock and Powe lines. We gave support to each other during bereavement and were excited over our real estate purchases in Tennessee--she, a home for a daughter in Nashville and mine, in the Big Rip. We got together when she returned to D.C., for DAR meetings, touring the National Cathedral, dining, and shopping.  Actually, she shopped; I drove. We laughed over her inability (dare I say need) to cook.  "I can cook bacon." And her tales of John, the love of her life, and his "throne." Her switch from the "big hair" to a sleek, short cut. Her dealings with taxes, etc., upon John's death.

During a medical emergency last year, the doctors discovered that she had lung cancer. The prognosis was dire--only a few months--but she persevered. Not a word of discomfort or fear when asked how she was doing.  Christmas of 2011 arrived with her annual good wishes.  I spoke of visiting San Antonio while on vacation with her on my mind. I returned to find that she passed on that Saturday.

Barbara leaves a void in the lives of those who knew and loved her. My heart goes out to her closest friend who was given the task of letting me know of her passing. Rest in peace, girlfriend.  I will miss you.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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