March 11, 2012

That Time of the Year

Time to set the clock forward (I forgot). Time to get excited about gardening (flower or vegetable) and how the yards will look. Time to clean (forget about it). And it's time to hear the lies on the campaign trail. Yeah, you knew that I was going to take it on, eventually.

Spring forward, I did not.  Couldn't figure out why the clock was saying one thing and the tv programming for that time slot was totally different.  What was going on?  And then I remembered.  How did I "sleep" the reminders?

Everything is blooming and it's time to dig in. Literally.  Yard man showed up a month early to trim the bushes.  I'm on budget...his name was not a line item for this month, a small fact which I had no problem in letting him know.  Work with me, brother.  Mr. Groundhog has also showed up, just like clockwork. I just can't make peace with that ugly thing. Ugh!

I've been half-heartedly trying to unload my small freezer. "How much do you want?" The latest inquiry bottomed out when they didn't show.  No problem. There's a fellow at Wally who raises vegetables by the truckload. He was talking about the garden he was getting ready to put in and his need for another freezer.  I needed a tiller for the flower bed I want to establish from the front walk to the back. "Let's make a deal.  You till my area and you can have the freezer."  A done deal. He showed up bright and early, knocked out the area, and rode away with the freezer.  "Is this a freezer or refrigerator? I didn't know they made them this small." Yeah, it's small but it works.  Now if the weather will only cooperate so that I can work in the yard. I need to further work the soil before it resettles. More azaleas and hostas; things for the shady area.

But what can I do about the lies being spouted on campaign trail?  Research, research, research, and realize a lie for what it is.  Everyone is against the health care reform bill.  Why?  Women are receiving improved, free, healthcare with respect to mammograms. Adult children are eligible for health care coverage, under their parents' policy, until age 25.  You can't be turned down for a pre-existing illness.  I guess that if those running were poor like me, instead of being millionaires able to afford the best of care, these provisions might mean something.  Santorum with a toddler who has an illness for which there is no cure at this time.  Romney's wife has MS.

Gas prices?  Please. No one will be able to bring gas down to $2.50 a gallon. The folks in Europe are paying $10. The pipeline?  That gas is destined for China; it never was intended for U.S. consumption. But that's not spoken of. As Santorum stated this morning on Meet the Press, "It's all Obama's fault."  Really?

And the cloaking of contraceptive rights into the issue of religious freedom? All male panels deciding women's health issues?  Rush Limbaugh's statements?  Suppressing the vote under the guise of "voter fraud." Too much outrage to express in this single post.

So, this morning,  I'm watching the cloudy skies and enduring the low temperatures. Waiting for the Ripley city elections. And wishing Mrs. Magnolia Johnson a very happy 90th birthday.  What stories she can tell.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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