March 20, 2012

Make a Complaint

I've found my niche.  I am the complaint expert. I haven't kept count but by my tally, I've done pretty good in getting either a response or the resolution of a problem...just by writing a letter.

Corporate America's not treating you right?  Shoddy goods?  Malfunctioning merchandise?  Piss-poor customer service?  Write a letter.  Your legislator is acting the fool in the state house, federal buildings or, heaven forbid, the White House?  Write a letter.  It works, boys and girls.  Keeps the temperature and emotional levels waaay down, which goes a long way in getting results.  Even if you are banging the hell out of the keyboard and muttering as you type.

My latest campaign was an email to Fred's, a regional Wal-Mart "mini-me."  I happened to be in the store last week and noticed a pop-up gazebo for sale.  Listed in the sales paper but none in stock.  Couldn't get a rain check because they didn't know if they were going to get any more. Ditto to layaway.  Heaven only knows what the reaction would have been if I'd asked for the store model.

The Fred's, in the Big Rip, receives its truck on Fridays.  So...unless there was a rush on this item (and we know that people take names and phone numbers for special people), surely one would be available on Sunday.  No?  The same song and dance as before.

Sistah girl was not having it.  No point in firing a salvo at the staff--it's out of their control--but I can surely voice my displeasure via letter or email. Fired an email off as soon as I got home. Received a courteous response thanking me for my interest and someone would respond. "Right." The next email told me that they were sorry to learn that the merchandise was not at the store; however, they were routing my correspondence to the district manager for his attention.  "Kicking the can."

Well, looky here: "I have located the item at another store and will have it for you on Wednesday."  Say WHAT?  Lawd a mercy, give this boy a raise.  Let him know that I'd be there on Thursday morning.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

See?  It works.  Wonder how much can I make for this?

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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