March 30, 2012

What's A Coupla Million?

More than I have, for sure. Definitely more than I can count. Pieces of green paper...the spendable kind.  Made sure that I picked up a few tickets for the winning hand. Lawd, Lawd. Let me dream for a while.

First of all, I want all my money at one time. No annualized pay out for me.  No sir. I doubt if I have another 26 years of living left. So give it to me...NOW!  They say the odds are that if you take a lump sum, you'll have gone through it in five years' time.  Let me try.

Relatives get a hand up, right off the bat.  Excuse me, let me clarify. Close family relatives--as in immediate blood--extended relatives need not apply.  Then a little sump'n sump'n for those who have assisted me in a time of need.  That list is small, too.

Buy a bigger house?  NOT.  Serendipity has served me well. She would be the recipient for everything that I have envisioned.  Repairs; an addition; a fence--to keep folks out of my damned yard.  Buy some houses?  Definitely.  I'd become one of the Big Rip's largest landlords.

Another car?  Not getting rid of Abby but maybe a truck? Hell, with all that money I could afford the price of gas.

Start a business?  Definitely.  My adopted home has a lot of needs in the way of retail. Somebody has to give Wally a run for their money.  Give to charity?  Without question.  GFBC's bell tower would definitely receive a donation and I want a placque for my mama.  Investments? You know it.  Maybe a few offshore accounts like Mr. Mitt.

Work? For myself. Bye bye, Wally, goodbye. 

Hmm.  I haven't even made a dent in that cash.  Time to indulge.  A permanent home in the Caribbean. Jamaica, here I come. Travel.  A week in each of the places I want to see.

What's a coupla million?  Dreams...sweet dreams.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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DCnTN said...

It wasn't for me. Maybe next time.