April 24, 2012

More Vitriol

My congressman, Republican Stephen Fincher, held another LIVE Town Hall meeting, via telephone. He just returned to Washington, today. He flies home every weekend.  Who pays for that? Interestingly, of all the vile accusations, statements, and responses, not one person has asked him.

I listened as Fincher told them that the gas prices were high because 44 won't allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built. Now, even if the permission is given, it will take several years before the pipeline is completed and the oil is slated for export...not for use in the USA.

Obamacare was the usual whipping boy.  "Can we stop it; it was shoved down our throats." Among Fincher's responses was "if the government can tell you to buy healthcare, then they will tell you what car to drive." Spare me.

"I'm 91 and I think we need to make some changes, if you know what I mean."  The answer was "we need to win the election to make the change."

Finally a sister got through and wanted to know why everyone always dumped on Obama. She pointed out that the system was broken when Obama took over and that wars, which Obama did not start, cost money.  Fincher was taken aback and had to admit that Bush made some bad choices; however, it is now Obama's economy. True. But what you didn't say, Rep. Fincher, is that you and your cohorts have done everything possible to work against him.

I listened to the poorest of poor vent and decided that I did not need to weigh in.  What I needed to do was find out when he was up for reelection and his opponent. Well, boys and girls, Fincher is up for reelection this year.  Sadly, there is no opponent.

Listening to the comments makes you wonder what rock they live under and Fincher feeds them.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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