April 29, 2012

A Lot On The Plate

My magnolia trees are blooming. I love these trees with their creamy flowers. Could do without the seed pods and gazillions of dead leaves in the yard, however.  The azalea, in the back, which was in bloom when I first saw the house is loaded with blooms.  When the ones out front get as established, a thousand years from now, they will be just as awesome.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked what project did I have underway. At the time, I had none, but now?  I am finishing up the humongous flower bed, which didn't seem so big until I got started.  Then I have to replant the one along the fence.  I guess my hostas decided to take a break and need replacing. And put flowers down the slope, and, and, and....  I've decided that a little patio on the side yard would look nice and that the bricks from the large patio to the back walkway need to be uncovered.  And a nice little trellis in the area where "yardman" cut down my bush.  Have a million plants for that area. Lawd, Lawd, why do I keep biting off more than I can chew?

So what's this about, Missy?  Well, boys and girls, I'm determined to have beautiful flowers all around me.  I'm making sure that I get to smell them before my time is done. Also, an idea had been put into my head about having a lawn party.  Lord knows, I've got the lawn. All these improvements didn't need to be done for that, however.  At the moment, my frame of mind says there will be no party.  I'm doing it for me.

All of this has to be done at a slow pace, however, because my employer is killing me.  I swear that a hip replacement surgery will be in order, as a result of the requirement that you walk continuously without stopping, in addition to the surgery on my arm.  Trying to avoid both.  I've got a year and a half to go before I reach that magic age but at the rate that I'm chomping pain killers, I might not last that long.  Perhaps I can go to one day a week?

My extra pair of hands showed on yesterday and it's a good thing his dad came to give him a hand. He's a tiny thing. When they finished, I asked for my bill  and how much did he intend to pay his "assistant."  His assistant only wanted lunch because he wants his son to learn how to earn money.  Teach them how to fish....  The assistant should have never mentioned snakes because you know that I am going to become a major shareholder in Snake-Away and moth balls.

Say a prayer for my good friends in D'burg. Let's hope that the medical team in Nashville can give the proper diagnosis for their son and the cure.  "One touch from you will make it alright! Fix it, Jesus!"

Taking a bite at a time. Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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