June 15, 2012

Give Me A Ticket...

for an aeroplane....  That's right. Wally gave me an extra day off and Sistah Girl found a cheap ticket back to the East Coast.  Bright lights, big city, here I come.  Atlantic City, not a big city--but plenty of bright lights, is where I'm headed.  No disrespect to my new neighbors (can you believe that it has been five years?) but the sight of a towering skyline, lots of people, tons of refreshing.   Ah, yeah.

Even though I left in plenty of time, I was huffing and puffing to the gate on Saturday evening--difficulty in finding a parking space and I had to check the bag.  I swear AirTran was at the opposite end of the terminal and across the field. I made it on board with minutes to spare. After a brief layover in HOTATL, I landed in Philly shortly after midnight.  Bright lights, big city!

Pulled into Atlantic City, appreciating the glam and glitz of the neon signs.  The Golden Nugget is the destination.  Haven't been to Atlantic City in years and has it ever changed!  The Reveal, The Borgata, and more are new to me. Trump must own the whole of midtown.  His name is emblazoned everywhere.  Learned later that The Golden Nugget was formerly Trump Marina but sold to the new owners a few years ago.  I knew that I'd been to that hotel, in the dead of winter, to see Al Jarreau, but didn't recall the name. But back to Trump properties--did you know that he owns The Taj Mahal, in addition to Trump Plaza, and the damned pier with the amusement rides? Of course, I'm boycotting all things Trump. He doesn't need any of my money as long as he is on this "birther" jag.

The Golden Nugget is modern, to the max!  Great decor and accent pieces.  Lousy buffet.  If you're looking for good food, one of the restaurants should be your choice.  Back to meals, later. Security checkpoint to get to the room?  Oh, my.  Through professional courtesy, we'd been upgraded to a junior suite.  Loved it!

Spotted the sign for McCormick and Schmick's and jumped with joy.  Fresh seafood and not catfish! Oh, happy day! What a bust! Every meal at the D.C., location was great. This one? Too much expense for a lousy meal.  You just know that a complaint is in the mail.

Ah, but there is always a good experience to offset the bad.  The Chart House, in The Golden Nugget, was off the chain! Snapper (that's right--Snapper), Parmesan encrusted, topped with lump crab and lemon shallot butter. Divine! Accompanied by their signature Chopped Salad. Came away with the recipe.  Here's hoping that mine will taste the same. I understand that the stuffed Flounder was just as good.

Took the jitney to mid-town to dine and shop.  A jitney!  When did that come about?  Best thing since sliced bread.  Leave the driving (and finding a parking space) to them. 24/7 service and, boy, do they run constantly. The city has leveled several blocks and built a Tanger Outlet Mall. Just wander for several blocks and you're sure to run into a store you love.  I homed in on Barefeet Shoes, which doesn't exist in this neck of the woods.  Very happy with my selections and my lunch, accompanied by a white sangria served in a goblet the size of a mini-punch bowl.

While waiting for the jitney to return to the hotel, we spotted a woman on a serious nod.  I thought that she was asleep; however, my personal "narc" informed me otherwise. And, damn, another woman was nodding on the bench in front of the hotel, the next day. They finally chased her off a few hours later.  Maybe she lost all of her money, like I did, and had no where to go. 

No, I did not come home broke...but close.  Had a fantastic time!

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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